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5 Mistakes New Internet Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

October 23, 2011

Last Updated on - November 18, 2011  

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Internet Entrepreneur

This is a guest post by Patricia on mistakes that a new Internet Entrepreneur makes. You can check out the guidelines for guest posting on our write for us page.

So, you’re an Internet entrepreneur. How exciting! There’s nothing quite like planting your very own seed and watching it grow into your very own money tree! Just don’t let that excitement go to your head. As a new entrepreneur, you’re still on shaky ground, and the world wide web is a vast expanse of endless possibilities for success – and failure. You have a lot of fertilizing, watering and tending to do before your crop yields a bounty. Be careful not to nip your success in the bud.

5 Mistakes an Internet Entrepreneur should avoid:

As a new internet entrepreneur, there are those certain and easy mistakes that you tend to make. It is these mistakes that could prove fatal to your business and its success.

Here are five mistakes a new Internet entrepreneur should avoid.

Market Research

Just because you’re featuring your business in a global marketplace doesn’t mean everyone on the globe is going to be interested in your business. Take some time and put some serious consideration into your target audience – who you are trying to reach – and target your website and Internet marketing to that audience. Carving out your niche and targeting a specific market sector is the best way you can stand out amongst the competition.

Pre-packaged Solutions

The Internet abounds with workshops, training programs, self-help gurus and business experts that claim to have the secret formula to ensuring your success as an Internet entrepreneur. All of these programs costs money and, unfortunately, when you invest in a multitude of success schemes, you’re only succeeding in fattening others’ pockets. Remember that there is no substitute for good, old-fashioned time and experience. You must get your feet wet in order to learn how to swim.


No one can do it all. Consider what your strengths are, and where your expertise lies, and focus your attention on what you do best. Outsource the rest. For example, if web design is not your thing, then don’t take a chance on attempting your own web build just for the sake of saving a few bucks. Not only will outsourcing the job to a professional save you time and headaches now, but it could end up saving (or making) you a lot of money down the line.

Balancing Time and Money

Yes, you want a great website, built by the best designer, and you value all of the expert advice you get from those marketing consultants you pay by the hour. Just remember that spending money on you venture does not replace the need to invest your time in developing it, managing it and growing it. As a new internet entrepreneur, it is important that you spend time in building your business.

Patience – The virtue of a good internet entrepreneur

Don’t expect to get rich overnight. Expect to put an insane amount of blood, sweat and tears into your business before you start reaping the benefits. You may get lucky and see an early payoff, but it’s best to plow forward in the spirit of doing whatever it takes, for however long it takes.

Succeeding as an internet entrepreneur

There are too many distractions out there that will lead to a lack of your focus as a new internet entrepreneur. Most internet marketing businesses fail because entrepreneurs tend to deviate too much from their original business plan.

Becoming a successful Internet entrepreneur is no small feat. Avoid the pitfalls that we discussed above and you are well on your way to seeing your new venture as an internet entrepreneur, through to greatness.

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