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5 Most Useful Resources to Boost Your Social Media Campaign

February 15, 2013

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It’s been a few years since Social Media has been surging ahead as the best platform to engage with your consumers and interact with fans in real-time. However, many a times, it has also been noticed that companies find it hard to grab the most out of social media, and are stuck in a situation, where they can neither leave their social media campaigns in-between, nor they see any motivation in continuing with it by putting more efforts.

Though we also understand that Social Media is a time consuming task, we believe that if the campaign is launched in the right manner, with a great set of tools and resources, strategy and planning, it can bring fruitful results that can be reaped forever. And today we are going to discuss 5 most useful resources with which you can boost your existing or newly setup social media campaigns.

Here they are!


Strategy making can be easy if you know what you want to accomplish. But, implementing that strategy can prove to be a tough task, as you need to analyze and monitor each and everything related to it closely, and regularly. But don’t worry, as Raven has got what you really need to make things happen for you. Raven is a complete software program that you should really use to keep track of your social media activities. With this tool, you can use and monitor n-number of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.  With it, you can post messages or links related to your blog posts, press releases, etc., to Twitter and Facebook, and can also reply, comment, like, re-tweet on your favorite author’s posts.

Additionally, with Raven, you can do everything from SEO Management to PPC Management, that helps you take your website to top in search engine result pages.


The success of any social media campaign you run largely depends on your market research. However, at times it becomes difficult to gather the precise information as people don’t come forward easily to participate in surveys that make things happen. But with TubeMogul, you can leave all your market research worries. With TubeMogul, you can create custom branded surveys and gather insights on brand awareness, favorability, and the buyers intent from your website, audience and location in real-time. In short, it helps you create targetable brand surveys that are essential in today’s time to know the mindset and search behavior of your targeted consumers. With the existence of TubeMogul, you can run your surveys in six different formats, which includes; Pre-Poll, In-Display, Mobile, Connected TV, Social and Editorial.


For a long time, people using Twitter have dominated the social media networks, as it’s the best platform to make things go viral in minutes if not seconds. However, it all depends on what your product is all about and how useful it is for your target audience. But along with a quality product, you also need a big follower base on twitter, which is hard to get in this competitive age of marketing, where every other company is looking for innovation to attract new followers. And Twellow manages that for you very efficiently. Twellow is a one stop platform, where you can get in touch with people who like what you sell, as it has 2-4 million Twitter users, listed in different categories, and you just need to register and add yourself in categories that relate with your business. Once it is done, you can see the followers coming your way within quick time. 


Sometimes it becomes really hard to keep track of how you are performing on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Once you lose the track, your social media campaign may go haywire, and can annoy your fans and followers. Therefore, it’s necessary to channelize all the things and monitor the campaign thoroughly and regularly. That’s where TwentyFeet comes into play. With TwentyFeet, you can manage all your social media campaigns under one roof. It monitors your social stats, activity, and alerts you via email when it’s urgent. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, it also keeps track of your Google Analytics, YouTube, bit.ly, and Myspace accounts from one panel.


While making social media marketing strategy, it is essential to know what and how your competitors are doing on social media platforms. As this helps you analyze and implement what you need to stay ahead of them. And that’s what Postacumen does. Postacumen is a very new tool that’s made specifically for social media. It facilitates you to analyze any of your Facebook page with your competitors, and know what strategy they are following to attract the target audience. With it you can compare yourself with your direct/indirect or even brand competitors with the real-time metrics that includes information about Reach, Comments, Shares, Virality, Est. Clicks, Post timings, Best days for Posting, Post Types, Post Frequency, and Best Posts. Moreover, you can download the reports in PDF and CSV format, that can be used later.

Once you start utilizing these or any other tools made specifically for social media marketing, you can see things turning into your favor, as they are really helpful to get the insights on your competitors, and make strategy that is better than them and is effective in the long run.

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