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5 Secrets of Original Website Copywriting

September 5, 2012

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copyrightWebsite content is never written for no reason at all. Each and every word should have a particular goal. Usually these goals are typical – to make visitors stay, enjoy the content and perform certain actions, for example buy products or services. Of course, this concerns so called selling pages. Anyway, writing content for websites is quite different as compared to blogging or academic writing, for example.

Down the page are top 5 tips for original website copywriting.

Know your audience:

The biggest mistake a copywriter can ever make is to use the wrong style and attitude to target audience. For example, if this is a website offering info on body jewelry and selling these items, the content has to be cool, stylish and slangy, since people wearing earring in their tongues will probably dislike the Wall-street style. On the contrary, a forex website should use professional vocabulary and appeal to people who have money to make investments.

One should write content as if talking to target audience personally. Even the best text that does not appeal to target customers will fail. Therefore, before developing a general style for the website, it is imperative to study target readers. Who are they? What do they want to read? What do they like and dislike? Writing good text is a psychological challenge indeed!

Focus on the major things:

Cut the formalities. Stick to the point. Every word and word combination should have its own goal and function in the overall content strategy. Writing for the sake of writing does not work well. You have to be informative and precise, otherwise you will lose potential customers and prospects. Copywriters should imagine they are in visitors’ shoes. The content should be helpful, otherwise it becomes irritating and annoying. Try to answer visitor’s questions even before they manage to ask them. Why should readers believe you? Prove your helpfulness.

Write interactive content:

Your texts should encourage readers to share their own opinions. This is how a good copywriter will learn the site audience. This is the best way to find out what readers are concerned with and what kind of information and products/services they are willing to get. Interactive content is not only about direct invitations to share own opinions. The tests themselves should be compelling to comment on. Yes, a little bit of controversy will help! Make readers react, agree or disagree with you.  The best way to impress readers is to have them involved into a lively discussion.

Be passionate about what you write:

Readers will immediately sense your false interest. For instance, if you write about the best SEO methods, without being really obsessed with them, you will never have “tasty” text that will make other people believe you. That is why, create passionate content. Make people believe that you are crazy about thing you are writing, so that they will feel ashamed they do not love these things as much as you do. Make people envy you. The most successful blogs and site are those created by people who really love things they write about. Do not try to deceive your readers.

Use catchy titles:

Today, folks are very picky when it comes to information they want to get because of a wide range of information sources. So, people often use headlines as decisive factors. If the headline is not catchy enough odds are that the majority of readers and potential customers will simply pass by. Grab attention of readers; make them stay at least for a minute. To learn how to write catchy titles, you have to be aware of readers’ psychology. In other words, write what they want to believe in.

Of course, only website goals set evaluation elements. It is impossible to say for sure whether or not the website content is good, unless you are aware of its goals. You can entertain readers or make them think about their lives and job. Content may make people purchase products and services, as well as force them to make serious decisions in life.

Content is the king! You have to remember it. Every target audience has a secret key to unlock secret doors. By finding the right words, you will unlock those doors.

About the Author:

Kora White is a freelance content writer and editor at the website http://www.writemyessay4me.com, which specializes in custom essays and offers writing advice to students and young professionals.

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