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5 simple ways to make your blog more exciting

August 12, 2012

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When a reader visits your blog, a mere glance at your page might motivate him/her to go through your blog posts thoroughly or might make him/her to ignore your blog and visit some other exciting web page. Getting audience and traffic to your blog is a major and difficult task that require hours of handwork and effort. The next important point is to make your reader stay on the page and read through your blog posts. Creating blog posts is also a time consuming and complex task that needs lots of brain storming and creativity. Therefore, you should take effective steps so that a larger number of visitors who visit your blog also read your articles and posts.

Five simple ways to make your blog more pleasant

Relevant titles and content

While creating content for your blog, make sure that the title compliments the content fully. Irrelevant information and articles might be ignored by the readers. If the audience is attracted by the title of the article and find the content irrelevant, they might ignore the post and never visit your blog again. Make appealing title and describe about the post in 2 or 3 lines at the start of the article.

Highlight the title and subheadings

Always make subheadings while creating the content for your blog posts. Highlight the title and subheadings with colorful colors or underline the main theme or words. You can also insert bullets to highlight the important points in the post.

Use easy to understand language

Avoid technical terminologies and words while writing your content. Most of the users cannot comprehend difficult vocabulary and technical terms. Use short and simple sentences with easy to understand vocabulary so that a larger number of readers can comprehend it. Lengthy paragraphs, jargons and technical terminologies might cut the readers down in number.

Insert visual illustrations and colorful graphics

You can insert videos and images to clearly demonstrate your point. Videos and images attract readers and keep them stick to the post. Tables, charts and visual animations will enhance your blog post and readers will find the post easy and quick to comprehend. You can make use of various wordpress plug-ins to make the look of your blog more appealing.

Add social media icons and buttons to your blog

You can add icons to various websites that will link your blog to other relevant blogs or sites. It will allow and help the readers to read and learn more about the topic of interest. You can also add icons of your own social networking profiles to your blog. Readers can access you there and can get to read more about the content that you post at your profiles. This step can attract a number of potential readers who can share your articles on their profiles giving rise to the traffic at your blog.

Following the above simple tips will make your blogging experience much more exciting and the readers will find the blog more appealing

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