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5 Steps to being more productive in blogging

November 8, 2009

Last Updated on - August 13, 2021  

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CB104942How many times have you experienced a shortage of time in managing your blogs?

When I started blogging and I entered the world of WordPress, I was overwhelmed with the options that WordPress offered. There was so much that I could do. Everyday I would login to my blog with the intention of writing a few blog posts. But by the time I logged out I found that all I did was upgrade a few plugins, add a few codes to the wordpress theme, in order to customize something, create a backup of my blog and check my blog stats.

I would regret having done all that because none of these activities were productive and I knew I was wasting time doing all this. But all these were still essential. How could I get rid of these? Was there an alternative solution to doing all this?

I thought there was none and that I had to live with it. But that was not the case.

Outsourcing! Yes, indeed outsourcing was the solution.

I learnt it from the successful bloggers on the internet. In order for you to be productive, it was essential that you categorized all of your activities into productive and unproductive.

But will only categorizing solve the purpose?

Absolutely not. There is a need to plan your activities and your day in addition to categorizing and outsourcing.

5 step to being more productive

There are 5 very simple steps to be more productive on any given day. Follow them and you can ensure that you don’t regret not having done anything productive at the end of the day.

  1. Identify the productive – You will first need to identify the productive activities that you do in a day. If you are a blogger, writing a few posts, commenting on other blogs and forum, might be the productive activities for you. Evaluate every associated activity to check if it is important and productive. For an affiliate marketer, blogging could be a non-productive activity, but researching affiliate products might be. He would want to spend more time on this rather than attending to his blogs.
  2. Write down 5 productive to-do activities – Once you have identified your productive activities, write down about five of them that you wish to do everyday in order of priority and allocate a time duration for it.
  3. Outsource – Everything can be outsourced today. You will be able to find a good quote for outsourcing every non-productive activity. Pick the best quote and outsource. Even blog management can be outsourced these days. Keep reviewing every once in a month.
  4. Time-Check – Keep a time check on your productive activity list. Don’t overdo anything such that it become non-productive for you. The best way to keep a time check is to write down the expected start time and the end time of each activity and set up the word document as a wallpaper on your computer. This way you will be able to keep a check  the actual time.
  5. Review – Review each of the activity on the list every month to see if anything has fallen off your productive list and can be outsourced in order for you to spend some more quality time on something else that is more productive.

None of these techniques is new. All of these are simple steps that every business unit that is production oriented does. Follow them and you will see a change in your productivity.

Blogging solutions is a service that can help you with your blog management in case you are blogger. Blogging involves writing quality posts. If you blog is not constantly updated and lacks quality posts, you will struggle to get visitors to your blogs. Hence it is imperative that you spend most of your time on productive activities like that of writing posts and commenting. So the easiest solution to this is outsourcing your blog management.

Blogging solutions does a good job is managing your WordPress blogs. It is affordable and easy to complete. In case you wish to try, check them out here.

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My name is Dilip. I am a fan of the internet and love the many opportunities that the world wide web provides. If used constructively , the internet can give you an opportunity to lead a life free of the 9-5 treadmill and will be able to give more time to your family members.
Read about internet entrepreneurship at my blog.

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