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5 Things You Never are Aware You Could Do On LinkedIn

September 9, 2012

Last Updated on - September 5, 2012  

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linkedEveryone wants to be in the news for all good reasons obviously. The social networking websites are a great source through which people can increase their level of interaction. Different types of such websites are very popular these days many social networking online mediums follow their own formats. One of such social networking websites is LinkedIn. This particular website is made for individuals who work in professional environments.

You can say that this website is concerned with occupations related networking. It was launched in the year 2003 and since then it has gathered almost 150 million people belonging to different professions worldwide. Although people are able to use LinkedIn for obtaining many benefits but still there are many benefits which can be derived from LinkedIn about which many don’t know. This section is concerned with providing information regarding this issue.

Sharing information

LinkedIn daily receives a lot of information which is uploaded by the users in the form of news and various links which users upload on it. You can easily access these through your LinkedIn homepage. You can enjoy the articles by browsing for them and In addition the news for top articles also appears on your homepage. If you want to reach LinkedIn today then you can see the option of that on the top of the tab which appears on your home page.

Status updates

If you are interested in finding that what others say about your topic of interest or in other words you want to stay updated with the reviews of your favorite topic then LinkedIn has got many options for this.  You can find the option of switching your search bar which is located on the top of your screen at the left side to Updates. This is a very vital way through which you can see the shared information and establish contacts with others who belong to your industry.  You can simplify and search effectively for what you want by seeing different options which appear in the left side.

Stay updated

For your pages which are related to business you can find many great options of customization on LinkedIn. It’s a great medium for sharing news related to you company like you can post links to your different offered services also you can post links related to the availability of different products in addition you can mention about the available vacancies and other news related to your business.

URL Optimization

Like other social networking websites LinkedIn also designates a URL for your profile which by default will consist of cumbersome numbers and letters. If you want you can edit this and add other related information to it. In this manner your profile name will be brought by Google in search. This also will make you look more reputed in the eyes of those who are searching for individual having your skills.

In addition to this there are many other things present on LinkedIn which can entertain users in a great way. So always try to make full use of your LinkedIn profile.

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