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5 Twitter Accounts Every Online Entrepreneur Should Follow

May 12, 2012

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twitter accounts to follow

This is a guest post by Francesca on some Essential Twitter accounts to follow. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

When the topic of using Twitter for business comes up, most people would automatically get into utilizing it to promote your brand or connect with customers. And while the microblogging site is indeed great for self-promotion and talking to customers, don’t forget that it’s equally important to listen to what others have to say.

As an entrepreneur, it’s extremely important to learn about the most innovative business tools out there. After all, your customers deserve the best and most up-to-date services out there, and the only way to give them that is to keep yourself educated and informed about what’s happening in the industry.

Thankfully, there isn’t a shortage of brilliant coaches and websites out there that are more than happy to help entrepreneurs like you succeed. And while you may not have the time or budget to get in touch with all them and enroll in every single business course or software that they offer, a quick and easy way to get instant knowledge from them is through Twitter. Following the right people on Twitter will enable you to get tons of bite-sized insights and entrepreneurial advice.

This blog post will highlight a few Twitter accounts that every online entrepreneur will find useful. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; if you’re working to have more online success, then be sure to have these accounts in your Twitter stream.

Andrew Warner (@AndrewWanrner) –

What better way to learn about entrepreneurship than from people who’ve done it themselves? Andrew Warner is the founder of Mixergy, a site that offers courses and interviews from successful entrepreneurs. He interviews successful founders on a regular basis and picks their brains so that listeners can hear about their experiences and lessons. Warner has already interviewed a lot of great minds out there, including Groupon founder Andrew Mason, Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, Barbara Corcoran of the Corcoran group, and many more. Check out his site and follow him on Twitter to make sure that you never miss an interview again!

AppSumo.com (@AppSumo) –

Think of AppSumo as the Groupon for online products. This site offers daily deals for people who are trying to find success on the web. From WordPress action videos and courses on HTML5, to Internet Marketing software and Business Apps, this site has you covered. The AppSumo Twitter account is also constantly pushing upcoming deals and exciting contests for web geeks and Internet entrepreneurs.

KISSmetrics.com (@KISSmetrics) –

KISSmetrics is an online software that lets businesses analyze data in order to identify trends and guide their decision-making and growth.  Now even if you don’t intend to buy the software, KISSmetrics is still worth following on Twitter if you have an online business. The KISSmetrics team constantly tweets and blogs about useful insights for online entrepreneurs. They’re always releasing infographics about the latest online data that can help you learn more about what you need to do on the Internet to be successful.

Alyssa Gregory (@alyssagregory) –

Need down to earth advice on running a business? Be sure to check out Alyssa Gregory’s account. She tweets helpful and practical articles for small biz owners on a daily basis, and she’s also the founder of Small Business Bonfire, an online community just for entrepreneurs. Check her out to gain valuable insights and to connect with like-minded individuals.

Dear PR (@DearPR) –

Public Relations (AKA: the act of chasing after journalists to make your company look good in front of the public) is something that you have to master if you want to put your name out there and generate buzz. If you’re struggling with Public Relations, then perhaps you’ll have a little more luck if you follow Dear PR, an account that teaches people how NOT to do PR, one clever tweet a time. Dear PR constantly publishes witty and often hilarious tweets about Public Relations fails and worst practices.

Image credit: Rosaura Ochoa on Flickr

About the Author:

Francesca StaAna is from AdMedia, an online advertising network that connects advertisers to consumers through a number of innovative products including ad remarketing, affiliate programs, pay per click advertising, and more.

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