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7 Tips to Write an ebook and Sell it

July 20, 2010

Last Updated on - July 20, 2010  

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Write an ebook

This is a guest post on “How to write an ebook” by Nichole Weathers. In case you wish to guest post, read the guidelines.

Many people are choosing to write an ebook and sell them. Not only are e-books popular amongst customers, but, you, as the author, can avoid the hassles of paper publishing.   After you write an book, all you have to do is provide customers with a download link after purchase. Sometimes even that will be handled for you by a third party. Like many other passive income businesses, you do the work once and keep reaping the rewards for life.

If you are considering venturing into this arena of business and to write an ebook, read on.  I’ll walk you through how to write an ebook and then preparing it for publication.

7 Things to keep in mind before you write an ebook –

There are a lot of things that you should keep in mind before you start off to write an ebook. Careful consideration of these would ensure that your ebook is a success and that you are able to earn good money out of selling your ebook.

  1. Before deciding to write an ebook, decide on the topic of your eBook.

    Pick a topic that you know a lot about, or something that interests you enough to learn more about. Some of the most popular e-books are ”How to” guides, such as a guide on how to flip web sites.

  2. Research your chosen topic, even if you are a pro.

    You may come across new and innovative ideas that had not occurred to you. The more nuggets of wisdom you can give the reader, the better your book is going to be received. This may also impact sales of future books you may write.

  3. Draft a general outline for your eBook, making note of the topics you want to cover.

    Think about what you would need to complete the idea or, task from start to finish. Think about what common questions the consumer may ask regarding this particular topic. This all should be covered in your eBook.

  4. Proof your eBook to ensure it has all of the best information possible.

    Ask a trusted friend or colleague to read over it and offer constructive criticism. You want this book to be worth your asking price. If one person loves your eBook, they are bound to talk about it or even recommend it to others.

  5. Consider interviewing other experts in that field.

    Ask them questions and include it as an added bonus in your eBook. Make references to experts and reputable resources.  Such references enhance the credibility of your own work.

  6. Fix any errors in your book and prepare the book for sale.

    Add any personal images or royalty free images pertaining to the subject. Make an index and a bibliography.

  7. Determine where you are going to market this eBook.

    If no one knows it exists, it is not going to sell. Amazon and other book dealers sell eBooks for writers. Consider starting an affiliate program (i.e. ClickBank) and have other skilled internet marketers market the book for you. Market it on your own web site, or consider investing in a web site on the subject with considerable page rank and traffic to market this book.  Add a link to your email signatures to your book. Post on forums with a link to your site or book. Think outside of the box when it comes to advertising your book. You can also consider marketing the book in your local community or in newspapers, or hand out flyers to local businesses.

To write an eBook is not as easy as it sounds. Many people lose motivation fast, since financial gains are not immediate. Other people may suffer the dreaded writer’s block. Use positive affirmations and don’t give up. Take a break if you get frustrated and peruse other books or articles for inspiration.  And keep reminding yourself that once you have written the book and finalized it, all of your hard work will pay off.

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  • Good tips, Angie. I converted my novels to ebooks and am now selling more that way than the print versions (love that it's automated too). People, start out with all the free methods for making and selling ebooks. http://ebooksuccess4free.webs.com

  • ebooks have a much greater reach and is easier to promote because it involves only a small percentage of the cost that is involved in promoting a printed book.

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