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7 Tips to Make Your Video SEO-Friendly!

October 19, 2013

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SEO for VideosWith the advent of YouTube as well as other online video formats, the internet has become a showcase for visual presentations from pure entertainment to the informative.

In fact, for business purposes, video is paramount toward conveying important messages such as updates, how-to guides, and any other information that may need communicating to those interested in a company.

All videos, however, aren’t alike, and for those that do stand out toward netting new clients and customers, require work be put into what will be presented. Much of that work involves making a video SEO-intensive or to others, SEO-friendly. The following is a list of 7 tips to make video content SEO-friendly.

Content Matters

Content is a key ingredient in anything that is posted on the internet. Whether written content or video content, it has to be compelling with an ability to convey a solid message. If not, what a company posts on the internet will not be viewed, potentially shared among others, and as a consequence, fall in ranking on search engines: the slow death to all forms of content.

Before posting anything, a business needs to first determine the message it wants to convey and stay true to that message. Often scripts, such as what are written for actors in television and Hollywood, work to help nail down what needs to be said. Along these lines, a business also has to consider its audience and what they might want to see and hear in accordance with their needs. What tone should be used? Informative? Humorous? Friendly?

Conciseness Counts

No one either likes or has time for long, drawn out programming. To view such and more so for a company to post dull droning video content, goes against what the internet was created for in the first place, which is fast and concise messages and interactions. In short, attention spans are short.

Consider that ReelSEO has found approximately 10 percent of viewers click away after the first 10 seconds of a video, and nearly 54 percent leave after one minute.

One to three minutes should be the window of time for an online video, particularly as a good amount of internet viewing is done within a person’s limited time frame. If anything, it is important that a viewer tune in for at least eight seconds as any amount of time less than eight seconds will not add to a video’s view count, which reveals the video’s overall popularity.

Insert As Many Keywords As Possible

A video message needs to have keywords for it to have and maintain popularity on the internet. Before posting a video, make certain that popular keywords related to the business’s topic or industry are spread out throughout the message. Keywords should be included in the video’s title, description, tags, subtitles, captions and category listings. All of these requirements can be introduced into the written script that was suggested above. Keep in mind that Google relies on keywords when ranking the relevance of any content. So with that, make sure as many keywords as possible is inserted in the content while still making that same content compelling and interesting.

Video Sharing

Video sharing will guarantee that a company’s message is spread online.

To do this, a business needs to be familiar with social media outlets and sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Vimeo, BuzzNet and Yahoo! Video, all of which can be used to make a message go “viral.”

Video content can also be embedded in written content such as company blogs, a process that has become very popular toward conveying messages. Attention to the blog could then be sent out by way of a url link that is sent in email blasts to those who have an interest in the company. As well, give viewers an opportunity to comment on the video and / or blog Invite colleagues and customers to share and leave comments.

Stay Aware

Once a company’s video message is in place and being viewed, it is a good idea to track and analyze the material to see whether or not it has appeal to viewers. One way to do this is by keeping abreast of the view count of the video. However, there are more comprehensive methods provided by Google as well as YouTube and in many cases, a business’s web hosting service.

Generate and Continue

A business needs to constantly add new content to its internet presence. In many cases, it is good practice to generate new content at least once a week, if not every two weeks. To keep up with other companies which use social media as a manner of communication, a company has to be vigilant toward new material. In some cases, companies may even consider hiring a marketing expert or team of marketing experts for this sole purpose.

Allow Viewers To View Older Material

Viewers who come to a company’s videos may want to do so for review purposes. In many cases, they might want to look at older material to refresh their memory. This can work to a company’s advantage in not just bumping older content farther up in a Google listing, thus giving a company more visibility, as well as providing a service to current or new clientele with the needed information they are seeking out.

A business should create a videoplaylist that lists all previously published videos related to it.

About the Author

Dave Landry Jr. is a business manager and personal finance consultant, working with National Debt Relief to assist in bankruptcy management, debt consolidation and advisement to those in dire financial situations. Dave hopes that you enjoy this article and will be optimizing your search engine capabilities to full capacity!

About the author 

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