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8 Steps for an Effective Social Media Curation Strategy

November 7, 2013

Last Updated on - April 20, 2014  

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social media curationHaving an effective social media curation strategy can really help you gain some traction with social media and get your more followers. The hard part is coming up with the strategy and getting used to the routine. So to help you out, we are going to be covering 8 steps you can take to a successful strategy.

Keep Up With The Top Industry Blogs

The first thing you are going to need to do, is to find and subscribe to all of the top blogs within your niche. There are plenty of tools that help manage all of the content and provide it to you. Once you know what content you want to use, the strategy becomes much easier.

Find and Follow the Industry Leaders that Use Social Media

Not only should you be keeping up with the actual blogs, but following your industry leaders on sites such as Twitter, can give you some good content to talk about to your audience. If it is relevant to your niche, your audience wouldn’t mind to know what the industry leaders are saying, so give them what they want.

Check the Top Comments and Content Everyday

You will need to do a daily sweep of what content is good and which ones are not. There are some tools out there that will help go through everything and separate them based on traffic, activity, and other things. The tools can be a great time saver, the only problem is that it might miss an important piece. It is up to you whether that risk is ok or not.

Use an Application to Post the Content to All of Your Social Media Profiles

There are plenty of tools that allow you to make a post to multiple profiles with one easy button. Use this to save a lot of time and get your posts read by as many people as possible. Without using one of these tools, it could take you 7 or 8 times the amount of time, depending on how many profiles you have active.

[social_quote duplicate=”no” align=”default”]Curation is not about aggregating, instead it is aggregating relevant content and presenting it in a readable form[/social_quote]Before you post the content, a lot of successful curators will post their thoughts about the content to make it more interesting for their audience. This also reduces the risk of your profile being reported for duplicate content or automation. Depending on what you actually want to accomplish, you may or may not want to write before you post.

Promote People to Share the Content that You Posted

After you have posted the content and people are starting to read it, make sure to comment and advise people to share it. The more shares that the content gets, the more your profiles are visible to people and the more people you will attract.

Keep up With Trending Blogs and Industry Leaders

After a while, everything changes. So you need to make sure and stay on top of any new blogs that have been getting popular or new people that are making a difference within your niche. Don’t just focus on the same people, overtime they might run out of good content, so keep it fresh with a wide selection of influential content.

Interact With your Followers

Don’t just post and run. Take some time to respond to your audience’s comments and messages. The more interaction that your audience gives you, the more chance they will be willing to come back. If you don’t respond on your profiles, it might seem like it is just an automated profile to attract some easy traffic. This will usually push people away or get your profile reported.

Write Some Unique Content for Your Blog or Site

If you have your own blog or website, then you should always make sure to keep some unique and interesting content coming to keep people interested. If your curation strategy is to attract new people and get them to visit your blog, then you should make sure your blog is worth their time.

This is a basic and simple strategy for curation, but it has proven to work. There are plenty of other different strategies, so once you know what you are doing, you might decide to try a different one out. Until then, these steps should help you.

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  • I find that engaging with people across different social media is what makes them become more and more. I mean when people see that you answer to comments and you are a social persons with your peers, not just with the influencers in your niche, they will follow you.

    • You are absolutely right Alexandra.. It is important that you interact because Social media and being social is all about interaction.. I think that is one area I too need to work on..

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