Is Success a boon or, a bane? Shoemoney speaks.


Affiliate Marketing is one of my favorite blogs. Not because it gives me a lot of information or, that there are a lot of articles on blogging or, internet marketing, but because I am inspired by Jeremy. Everything on his blog is of inspiration to me. I get the stimuli to make it as big as Shoemoney one day when I read his blog.

But off and on, I have seen quite a few posts at shoemoney, which kind of shook me to the core. I couldn’t quite agree with what Jeremy had written in his post.

One such post that he wrote some time back was this one.

It was a response to a commentator who had challenged Shoe to start from scratch and build his wealth again. Indeed, it was a nice topic to write on and I would have loved to write about it, had I been Jeremy.

But, the response that Shoemoney had did not make sense.

Instead of taking the challenge head-on, Shoe went on to write 8 paragraphs of what all negatives success could bring with it. He spoke about his distractions like public speaking, meeting with accountants, legal issues etc.

He goes on to write about the money he needs to make to break-even because of the huge bills he had to pay his accountants etc.

Then comes a rather surprising comment –

So… you… sitting at home… much like me 7 years ago on unemployment, I envy you.

What did he mean by that?

The post finally says that there are lot of things that are going against affiliate marketing (probably pointing out the bleak future of affiliate marketing) and ends with a motivational line asking you to “go do it”.

Did this post make sense?

Not to me at least. SUCCESS has no other option.

Things like “Distractions” and “Bills” are a partner to the celebrity status. It is not a part of success. You have a choice to decide where you want to draw the line. That is a conscious decision that you have to make.

But should these things keep you away from succeeding. NO!

Spending that precious moments with you family, taking your baby in your arms and playing with her for hours and hours together, being by your wife when she is ill, going to those beaches in summer with you family…..These are things that you need and success is what can get you there.

Affiliate marketing – Is it dead? No, it will never die. Till the time people keep looking for success and till the day we remain consumers, affiliate marketing will live. Just that it will be a bit more regulated. You and I and thousands like us starting off with a dream will not have to burn their pockets on crappy tutorial videos and study materials.

I am game for it and so will thousands of affiliate marketers be.

So, You got it all wrong, Shoemoney!!

I disagree with you! What about you?


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