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SaleInternet Marketing is about making a living online. It is about starting an online business without the huge investments involved like in a traditional business. Then why should you be spending a fortune to build an online business?

It is true that you can start an online business with as little as $10.00. There are lots of stuffs that are available free of cost on the internet that you can use to build your online business. But how will you find these free stuffs?

Let me ask myself a question. Did I have to spend money on building my Internet Marketing business?

The answer is “Yes”. I spent a lot of money online and kept buying products after products, falling into the traps that the GURUS made for me.

But as I built my business, I realized one thing. You don’t have to spend a fortune in building your Internet Marketing business. You don’t have to buy everything that the GURUS sell in order to be successful.

Success in an Internet Marketing business is a simple step by step method and involves a few steps.

For eg: Step 1, 2 and 3. It is the exact same steps that different GURUS package in different forms and sell them for a few hundred dollars. Does changing the nomenclature from a decimal system reading 1, 2, 3 to a ROMAN numeral saying I, II, III really change the content of the steps? Not really.

Then why should you invest so much into the same repeated information. This is where I decided, I will start a blog and the purpose of DKSpeaks is to make available information at an affordable price (If there is a cost involved).

So coming back to the total investment required to start an online business. This is what I think an ideal investment should be. You might have a different opinion altogether.

  1. A Domain Name ($9.99 per year) – You can get one for cheap at my domain store here.
  2. A Hosting account ($4.95 per month)- You can get a hosting account at a very low price at Hostgator. In case you do not wish to spend on a hosting account, you can use Blogger, which is a free option and also provides you with a lot of customization features.
  3. Micro Niche Finder ($99.99) – The best Keyword research tool. You can use the free alternative at the Google External Keyword Tool in case you do not want to make this investment.

If you noticed, you would have found that there is a free alternative to almost all the paid options. So you need not spend on the options that are costing you some investment, in case you are unable to afford it right now. Rather you can go with the free options for now and invest in the rest once you have started making some money.

In addition to all this, you will have to follow a good mentor who can guide you in your efforts to make money online. This is a difficult step because no body will give advice free of cost and mentoring means lots of advices. A free option to getting advice in your internet marketing efforts is to interact through a social media like Facebook or, Twitter. These are places where there is a lot of information shared and all of this is free of cost. You can ask questions and you will get responses to your questions because that is what social media networking is all about.

In order to help you in your Internet Marketing efforts, you will also need some guides on the basics of setting up an Internet Marketing business. These are available free of cost on the internet. You can also get a few of these for pennies from some resellers.Affiliate Marketing Secrets Explained

I am starting a weekend sale, starting this week and I will be putting valuable content on offer. These will be extremely valuable content made available for pennies and these offers will run for a entire week, after which I will change the prices to the normal. This is in an effort to help you build your business.

As a starting point, I am offering an extremely informative ebook on affiliate marketing written by Adeel Chowdhry – Affiliate Secrets Explained. This book covers everything from the basics to the details of affiliate marketing and is a required guide if you are starting off on affiliate marketing.

Let’s look at what is covered in this guide –

  1. Selecting the Right Niche for you – Learn how to spot the moneymaker when you see one so that you don’t waste your efforts.
  2. Setting up your site and making money.
  3. Tips for tapping into the money market.
  4. How to increase conversion and tips and tricks to do it.
  5. Should you start a blog or, not?
  6. Is search engine traffic important? How to get traffic from Google.
  7. The secrets to gaining fast and free traffic.
  8. Everything about SEO – Only things that are important and that you need to know.
  9. Tools to boost you revenue.

There are a lot of success stories as well which will keep you motivated in remaining persistent with your efforts. After all, Internet marketing is about being persistent.

You can grab your copy of “Affiliate Secrets Explained” for only $9.95 today. Order your copy today!!!


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