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Affiliate marketing is the single biggest way of making money on the internet today. But have you ever tried to find out the number of people, I would rather call them “Affiliate marketing enthusiasts”, who fizzle out as soon as they start-off on their affiliate marketing business. It would go into hundreds of thousands. I might not have the exact numbers, but I know one thing for sure. About 9 out of 11 people, I know who started off on their affiliate marketing business weren’t there after about a months time.

Do you know the single biggest reason for this? It is the tiresome work of putting your affiliate website in place. If you are to gather email subscriptions, you ought to have a website. And a website specifically for your affiliate marketing business meant loads of codes and html. The only choice you have was to get it designed from an external agency, but that involved huge costs. For somebody who was just starting out on their affiliate marketing business, that was a tough ask.

The story was not different for me either. I too would have fizzled out, if I was not a bit html-literate. This is what made this topic one of interest to me and I thought I should write a post on this.

Unique Blog Designs have released an “Affiliate Theme” for WordPress. My brother owns a web-designing company which is into designing themes for WordPress and we have quite a few themes out there on the internet. A few weeks back we were discussing something on these lines and bang…. There it is on the internet. I have no regrets though, because Unique Blog Designs is miles ahead of where I am and it will take some time for my brother’s company to reach where they are. So obviously, the design had to be amazing.

I would not want to get into a review of the design and the functionality of the theme because there are quite a few reviews out there. I would just want to sum it up in one word – “FUN-TASTIC”.

You would now not have to spend hours of your time designing your affiliate marketing website, nor will you have to spend thousands on getting one designed. Instead spend that time on researching some keywords and products and spend that money on some thought-through advertisements for your products.

Check out the Affiliate theme here.

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