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Article Marketing.: Is it still worth all the trouble?

October 18, 2012

Last Updated on - April 20, 2014  

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article marketingWhen it comes to Internet marketing, the rules of article marketing are always introduced, explained and strictly enforced. With the recent Panda and Penguin updates hounding the Internet space, marketers nowadays are now careful when posting articles all over the Internet for promotion.

In order for new marketers to better understand the importance of a good, clean article marketing technique, one should always present the effect of doing something “illegal” with their marketing technique. Let’s say Bob wants to build enough presence with his website, so he decides to start an article marketing campaign in order to spice up his traffic. Bob starts writing a few articles and puts them into article marketing sites, like Ezinearticles, Squidoo and others. However, Bob found out that he’s wasting a good amount of time researching the articles.

And here, he commits a fatal error; he takes one article and spins it with the use of an  automated spinning software and sends it off to the article marketing websites. Bob is extremely satisfied, since he no longer has to spend hours writing; all he needs is to write one article, spin into several versions and send this to the article marketing sites.

You can already guess what happens when Google finds out his dirty schemes.

So okay, internet marketers already get the idea that you can’t publish spinned articles in the Internet. In a sense, article marketing is still a viable technique for getting good traffic into your website, correct?

I am not so sure about that now.

Article Marketing Sites are now STRICT!

And I meant it when I wrote this. Apparently, article marketing sites are now so strict that most people who try publishing articles end up getting frustrated while trying their best to have their article published. I actually didn’t believe this until I found out myself while trying to publish articles in Squidoo and Hubpages. As a reminder to my fellow article marketers out there, here are some of the noticeable changes within Squidoo and Hubpages. I intended to talk about these two, since they’re still very popular when it comes to article marketing.

Squidoo has become very strict when it comes to article marketing. Evidently, there are some article topics that they no longer support. Articles that talk about gambling, pharmaceutical companies, making money online, and other topics that denote business or talks about business online are now placed under scrutiny by Squidoo admins. If you do try to publish an article that has one of these topics, then good luck; Squidoo will not allow you to publish your article. However, there is an option for writers to ask Squidoo web admins to check the article themselves. If there are no problems, the article gets published. But it’s likely going to take months before your article gets published!

The same thing with Hubpages; they’re very strict with the size and the topic of the content you are submitting. I even got banned in Hubpages when I tried publishing an article that I wrote myself! Hubpages did not send an email at all regarding the ban, so I’m left to guess that there must be something in my article that ticked them off!

In any case, article marketing sites are now very careful, all thanks to the recent Google updates. If you still want to try your luck, make sure that the articles you write are unique and not copy pasted from the Internet. Try going for longer articles too, if you want to be extra sure!

About the Author:

Jessica Greenberg is an Internet marketer and blogger from San Diego, California. She is an expert in Internet marketing and wants to help new businesses grow, despite of the problems caused by the Google updates.

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