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Best 5 Social Networking Apps for your iPhone

June 15, 2012

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Social Networking Apps for iPhoneThis is a guest post by Gemma on social networking apps for iphone.You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

The most amazing part of the iTune App store is the convenience with which you can access and download an app for free to serve your purpose. At the iTunes app store or similar online app stores in the market, you can find a host of apps developed for broad range of applications as per your needs which will help you: while you travel, handle a business, store enormous data/phone numbers or just play games when bored.

People who need social networking apps to stay connected, check out the popular networking sites custom-made for their needs,


Started within a small network, Facebook today connects billions across the world. You can share your mood, update your status, upload your video/picture or chat with a friend. When you have a Facebook account, starting a conversation with your friend’s friend is easy. Chat with friends, check out profiles, look up a phone number or simply stay in touch with old mates.


Follow your favorite celebrity or a person on twitter. Keep in touch with the latest and discover what is happening around you worldwide or nearby through Twitter. With features like realtime search, trend-setting topics, top tweets, maps and lots more, make sure you get your daily dose of entertainment, fun, news and updates. If you don’t have a twitter account yet, don’t delay in getting one!


With a Skype account you can make a call, send instant message, send or receive files and even share screen with anyone in the world for free. Make a conference call or create your personal group and invite them to your call at once! You can also make calls to the landline or mobile phones for cheaper rates through Skype.


LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional networks, and one of a kind social network that connects 60 million professionals worldwide. Get the latest updates and messages on your iPhone about the company or a person through the LinkedIn network and astound others with your up-to-date knowledge! You can also form a group for those who belong to your area of expertise and display your skills.


Make friends easy with a new and free app “Bump”. It is easy to share contacts, music files, pictures or videos with your friends through a gentle bump from your phone to the other. Simply choose what you want to send and bump it to your neighbor!

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Gemma Jones is a Content writer and her interests are Technology, Phones, and Eco living, and Travel. Catch her @thetechlegend on Twitter .

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