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Best iPhone and iPad Apps for SEO Professionals

July 3, 2012

Last Updated on - July 3, 2012  

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This is a guest post by Jebran on iphone and ipad Apps for SEO Professional.You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

More people are familiar with the idea associated with SEO these days. In order to obtain more organic traffic, you will require having great content, quality links, and a potent presence in social media. You must as well track your results to see exactly how much advancement you are making. There are lots of sophisticated tools that you could pick up to assist you to do SEO in a more professional manner.

There are majority of iPhone Apps that a Search Engine Optimization professional can look forward for handling the SEO tasks in a more effective way. Having the knowledge of how to optimize your website and improve the page ranking is one among the key tasks a Search Engine Optimization professional has to manage and these iPhone tools simplifies your tasks. SEO and SEM could be very time consuming, but there are a few Best iPhone Apps that will help you to save your precious time and manage your websites more efficaciously.

SEM Calculator

This iPhone App for SEO permits you to do lots of calculations that you need to track how well you’re SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING campaigns are doing. It has a CPM calculator, CPM to CPA converter, cost per lead calculator for email promotions, and several others. Plus if you dont know what all those abbreviations mean, it has the formulas defined. If you are doing PPC marketing, this is the best app. The good thing about this iPhone App is that it is free.


This iPhone App for SEO is a reasonably priced app. It does keyword denseness analysis and tells you your page rank in several search engines. The price of this app is $ 1.99.

Domain Tracker

This Great iPhone App for SEO will track your domains and provide you a record of their Google Page-rank and Alexa Rank. You could view both domains that you possess and your rivals. You could as well view a history of the scores. The only thing it does not do that I wish it had been a graph to show changes in your ranks over time.

Analytic’s Pro

If you want to have best results from you SEO efforts then you need to track your results. With Google Analytics, you could do just that. Analytics Professional is an beautiful Google Analytics client for iPhone that provides you access to all the important data for your website.

Ego for iPad

An outstanding application that provides you the chance to dig deeper into your stats and better make sense of your Twitter, Google Analytics, Feed Burner, and other data.

Search Ranking App

Keep track of scores of your keywords and website domains available with this tool. It is an outstanding app and is very easy to use. Add the URL of the website you want to keep track along with the keywords. Now, you could sit back and relax. The iPhone application does the rest of the task. The tool provides you the updated ranking of the keywords on Google each time you use it.

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My name is Jebran ALi Jaffery and I love to write about technology. I am a blogger as well, running a blog on iPhone,iPad. Technology always inspired me especially iPhone,iPad, Games, Apps etc. My blog is http://www.iphoneipadblogger.com

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  • I have always been thinking about what can a online marketing professional get more creative and productive with smartphone apps and before I dived in to find out I encountered your post! And you have listed out some truly valuable apps that an SEO can be at his/her toes in the world of online marketing.

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