Best Black Friday Deals on Internet Marketing Products that You Don’t Want to Miss


black friday deals

I am not sure of the origin of Black Friday and the only information I have is what I got from searching on Wikipedia. One thing that I learnt from reading those long paragraphs on the wiki was that this was a day setup by businesses to increase their sales. And whatever the objective of the businesses, it is a day that consumers like us stands to gain on.

It is now become more of a habit for people, who would wait for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday seasons to shop. While every article about these 2 days says that this is something that happens in US, what has changed over the years and what very few people have realized is that with the Internet taking over sales and eCommerce contributing to a major part of the overall sales, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday phenomenon has slowly started expanding to the other parts of the world.

Most businesses don’t just target the US for these two days. Instead the audience is worldwide and that has increased their sales manifold. Now, Imagine.. me being in India where there is nothing called as a Thanksgiving, I still wait for it so that I can buy stuff online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday Deals in Internet Marketing

At least for the last 3 years, Black Friday Deals is one important thing for me. I get a lot of good stuff at a very low price on these days. So, why would I want to pay more, when I can get the same thing at a lower price.

In the past I have bought good ebooks, softwares, training courses and all in Black Friday Deals. I have my eye a few this year as well. And that is when I thought, why don’t I put a post where I give you the information on such good Black Friday deals, so that you can also take advantage of it.

So, here are some of the best Black Friday Deals for this year. I will keep updating this post with information that I keep getting.

Disclaimer: Please note that some of these links are affiliate links and I might earn a commission from you purchasing it using this link.

Hosting Black Friday Deals

This is something I like the most. I buy hosting plans for a longer duration because I get it for dirt cheap prices. If you are looking for hosting, you might want to grab one of these deals right away before it runs out. The below are the 4 hosting I use for all my blogs and it is hence that I am recommending them.

Stores 4 domains Managed WordPress Hosting Discount – I use 2 kinds of hosting for my websites and blogs. For my blogs that generate a considerable amount of traffic, I prefer using  Managed WordPress Hosting because I can then concentrate only on my blogging efforts. But for all other money sites, I prefer shared hosting. I manage Stores4domains and we are running a Black Friday deal on our best and exceptional Managed WordPress Hosting plan. This blog is also hosted on a Managed WordPress Hosting. You can get 50% off on the starter plan, which has all the bells and whistles associated with any other Managed WordPress Hosting Plan. Click here to get your hosting.

Bluehost – You can get an unlimited everything hosting from Bluehost for only $3.49/mo until Monday. It is normally $5.99/mo. You can order your hosting right away from the below link. Click here to order from Bluehost.

Hostgator – Hostgator will be running a 55% Off discount sale on all hosting packages in addition to running about 10, one hour fire sales featuring a 75% off. If you are looking for reliable hosting with exceptional customer support, then I can vouch for Hostgator. Click here to get Hostgator discount.

iPage – This is one of the latest hosting company that I am using. I started using them about 3 months back and I was pretty satisfied with them. They don’t give you a cpanel, instead have a different kind of control panel which could take some time to get used to, if you are new, but otherwise they are pretty good in every aspect. Click here to get iPage discount.

Black Friday deals on Site Builders

If you don’t plan to build and design your websites you might want to look for a good site-builder.There are some simple and easy to use site builders out there which can help you build some cool looking websites without the knowledge of any HTML. I prefer site-builders to build squeeze pages and landing pages because it saves me a lot of time.

Strikingly – Strikingly is one of the site builders that I can stand for because I have used them for a lot of my websites. They are simple and easy to use and can create awesome looking landing pages and single page sites pretty fast.

They are also running a Black Friday Deal on their plans. You can now order a full year or, 2 years at this discounted price. Click here to order from Strikingly.

1minute sites – I was always fascinated with leadpages. But their pricing somehow drove me off. I don’t believe in paying an exorbitant amount for something that is basic. While I agree that the service becomes exceptional with a premium pricing, it also gives me a feeling that the service is then, not targeting the average. And hence I don’t prefer using such service.

It was then that I came across 1 minute sites. You can build a nice looking fully functional landing page in under 1 minute. You don’t even need hosting to host these pages. And the best part, they have an affordable pricing plan. 1 minutes sites is also running a black Friday discount deal for the next 4 days. Click here to order 1minute sites

Membership Softwares and Scripts

If you are planning to or, running a membership site then you will need a reliable and robust membership management system. I prefer s2Member over all others because of the flexibility it gives you and also the control you have over your sites content and membership options.

They are running 2 discounted deals as part of their Black Friday deals. While the first one is on a Single Site license, the second one is an unlimited license. Click the links below to order an option of your choice. The links have the S2Member discounted coupon codes built into it.

Single-Site s2Member® Pro License

Unlimited-Site s2Member® Pro License

Stock Images

If you are into internet marketing, you need a lot of images and it is important that you understand your rights to using these images. It is hence that it is recommended that you have an account with a website that offers royalty free stock images. Grahics stock is a site that I trust for y stock images and I am sure you will also love the collections over there. Get 83% off a year of unlimited graphics PLUS a bonus pack of exclusive content. Just use this link below to get started:

Unlimited Downloads PLUS Bonus Pack Black Friday Deals

Social Media Manager

Postplanner – Postplanner is an absolute essential if you are into Facebook marketing and you manage Facebook fanpages. They are running a black Friday deal where you get 66% off of their Master plan. Click here to get the deal!