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bleupage reviewFacebook Marketing has been in the discussion over the last quarter or, so, after they have changed their PPC ads system. Every second day you will find a product that promises to teach you how to get 1 cent clicks from FB ads, most of them worthless and some very valuable, if you are serious about advertising with Facebook.

This post is not a discussion about how to get 1 cent FB clicks. Instead this is just one of it. We will be discussing in detail about getting cheap Facebook traffic in another post.

Now before we start off, what you need to keep in mind is that getting cheap clicks from Facebook requires you to create ads that are targeted. While targeting is one the most difficult things to do, Facebook gives you many options to do that.

One of this creating a targeted audience of Facebook users by extracting FB User IDs.

There are numerous softwares out there that does this for you, but one limitation that I have seen in most software is, that they do not extract UIDs from a closed group.

But I stumbled upon this amazing piece of software which actually does that and this is the only one in the market that does it.

It also gives you the option of creating posts and scheduling them. These are not just normal posts, instead you can create optin posts, video posts, coupon ads and many more and even add a fan gate or, an email gate to it.

If you are wondering what this software is, then this is Bleupage and Bleuleads Software suite.

Bleupage Review

You can watch a detailed review and usage of bleupage in the below video.

You can check out the software and get a FREE copy today at the below link..