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Blog Curation Vs Video Curation – Ninja Curation Profits Review

June 30, 2012

Last Updated on - May 21, 2015  

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One of the experiments that I have been doing since the past couple of months is on blog curation. Blog Curation was one of the easiest forms of producing and circulating content to your subscribers. The results have been pretty encouraging and that is where I decided to branch out to 3 other curated blogs.

The experiment in question was a blog named kidneystonessite.info. Before we get into the details of this site, let us first see what Curation is all about.

Content Curation – The Meaning

If you have heard about huggingtonpost.com, then you should know something about curation. Almost all news sites on the internet are perfect examples of Curated sites.

Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. – wikipedia

So to put it in simple words, what it means is you spend some time to dig through the vast content available on the specific topic that you are writing about and find relevant content. Then you publish it in a more organized and systematic manner so that your readers enjoy reading it.

Website like huggingtonpost.com made a fortune doing content curation. That made it a proven system that you could follow and all that you had to do was follow.

Blog Curation Case Study – Kidney Stones Site

Kidney Stones Site was an aged domain that I bought at Godaddy auctions. I got the domain for cheap and had blog curation in mind, all the time I was bidding on it.

In 10 days after posting about 4 articles, all curated content, I was able to get the site ranked on Google’s first page for some pretty tough and competitive keywords (I am not revealing the keywords for the sake of business secrecy, though I will do it in due course).

All I spent was some time identifying content. The tool that I used for Blog Curation pretty much did the rest including some basic keyword research.

===> You can check out PageOne Curator

My Earnings from this curated blog for the first month – $9.05 from Adsense (I never thought I will make even a penny)

Blog Curation Vs Video Curation

It was while I was doing this blog curation thing that another point stuck me. If I can curate articles, then why not videos. I have always been a huge advocate of video marketing and curating video excited me.

I started to browse through the internet to find some good softwares to curate videos, but couldn’t find one. I decided I will go at it manually.

After about 4 days into video curation, my channel has about 376 views, 11 subscribers, and a few comments. Clicks on the links that I had put up on the videos fetched me about $74.87 in sales. That was pretty impressive. (I will be sharing the Youtube channel details in my next post on curation)

I spent a lot of time doing this. Though it was interesting, I wanted something that could automate this entire thing.

It was at this point that Tim Buchalka launched the Ninja Curation Profits training. Though the training had little relevance to me, I decided I will buy it, primarily for the automated desktop software that came with it to curate videos.

I should say the content in the training was extremely good and informative and provided me with a different perspective of video curation.

I now have two parallel channels – one on my technique and the other one on Tim’s technique. I will post the stats in a months’ time from now so that we can compare the performance.

===You can check out Ninja Curation Profits

If you do not want to create unique content for your readers, yet want to provide them with fresh and informative content, curation is the way to go.

And Video Curation is almost 30 times better than blog curation.

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