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CB Passive income review

One common problem that my students and subscribers approach me with is getting started with Internet Marketing. People spend thousands of dollars on hiring mentors and tutors, who teach them concepts after concepts in internet marketing. But, in spite of people learning all the concepts, they end up on the losing side when the actual game starts. It is because, they are poor at implementation.

And the fact remains, that there will be none to help you in implementation. After all, why will somebody implement and setup a business for you, when he knows that you will eventually be his competitor and that they will not get a single penny out of the business that they have just setup for you.

What I just discussed is some cold facts in Internet Marketing. Let us look at some of the reasons why people fail at making a single penny from their internet marketing business.

  • They do not know how to setup a good squeeze page to capture leads
  • They don’t have a proven money making funnel
  • They have no clue how to market to their subscribers, what to write to them in the emails and how many emails to send them.
  • They have no idea about how to generate traffic to their offers and pages

So, what you just saw are the primary reasons for failing in an internet marketing business. At the same time, you will be surprised to know that these are the basic elements in an internet marketing business. This means that you just cannot falter at any of these because that means “ZERO” income.

Do you really think that somebody with no clue about any of the above, will ever be able to make money online?

So, what is required is more than concepts. You actually need a proven system, that can setup everything for you for the first time, so that you can start earning money and at the same time learn how each of these steps are done so that you can replicate it later.

Have you come across any such system until now?

CB Passive Income Review – The System that is different

One of my students who finished my One-on-One coaching last month, came back to me with the exact same problem. Not that he did not attempt. He tried his hands at everything, went to a few outsourcers to get some of these things done, failed and came back to me. His problems were not new. It was the same problem that even I faced when I was starting off.

  • He had created a squeeze page but that was converting at less than 20%
  • He was unable to setup a good funnel that could reduce his cost of acquiring traffic
  • His Email open rates decreased to less than 2% by the 3rd email in his sequence
  • He was confused on when to start pitching for products because he felt he was trying it too soon and hence was getting higher unsubscribes

At first I thought I will do all of this for him for an additional charge, but there were constraints.. primarily time constraints. Also I wanted to ensure that he gets his first sale as soon as possible. But since he had no products, the only option was to pick a good converting affiliate product.

That is when Patric Chan’s CB Passive Income struck my mind. I was an initial subscriber to this system and my first $300 came from this system. I had no reason to believe that it will not work. I straight away sent this guy to Patric (for a change without making an affiliate commission.. LoL).

It is 10 days that he took up the system. Here is his figures –

  • Subscribers – 398
  • Sales – $473.00
  • Cost of acquiring traffic – $235.00
  • Net Profit – $238.00

These might not be great figures. But what is important is that he has made his first dollar online. He now has a good list that he has built over 10 days, which normally a newbie will take more than a month to build.

Both I and him are confident that he will not quit his business now.

What makes CB Passive Income different?

CB Passive income is a readymade money making system. Patric has put together everything that you need to start making money online.

When you join CB Passive Income, you will get a couple of high-converting readymade squeeze pages and proven funnel. All you need to do is add your affiliate ID and drive the traffic to one of these squeeze pages.

The squeeze pages capture sign-ups and builds your list for you. You don’t need an autoresponder because your leads in the CB Passive Income application itself. Once you have your list in place, there is a proven email sequence that is automatically sent to the subscribers.

So you have all that you need…readymade and ready to go..

Now if you want these subscribers to be added to your auto-responder as well, you can do that as well.

Oh! so your question is how do you drive traffic to these squeeze pages. Traffic is the biggest problem and I haven’t yet addressed it yet…

OKAY!.. So that is also addressed in CB Passive Income.

This system comes with a complete training, which teaches you various methods to generate traffic. You can pick any one of it or, a combination of different methods, to generate traffic. Some of these methods are paid-methods but just like you saw in the earnings figures above, you should be able to re-coup your investment pretty soon.

If that was not enough, Patric also opens up a done-for-you traffic system.. from time to time. He only admits a few people into it. In this system, he charges you a nominal fee and generates all the traffic that you need. So that is also taken care off.

Concluding the CB Passive Income Review

By now you will agree to the fact that CB passive income is a complete and ready-made online business model and system that will work for even the newest of newbies in internet marketing.

If you are still struggling to make any money online, you should try out CB Passive income and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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