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DKSP EP:46 – Common Content Curation Mistakes to Avoid for Success in Content Curation

February 11, 2017

Last Updated on - July 30, 2020  

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content curation mistakes

So we are into the 3rd episode on Content Curation and in this episode we are going to discuss about the most common content curation mistakes.

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Content Curation is a very simple method. And all that you need to do is follow the basics.

The best part about content curation is that the content you are publishing is already proven to be of top quality and all that you need to do is provide a short insight into the context of the article. So you have your action plan laid straight out in front of you and all that you need to do is execute it.

I often hear a lot of people saying that content curation doesn’t work. And in almost 90% of these cases, the reason why Content Curation did not work for people, is because they were doing it all wrong.

And so in this episode we are going to discuss about the most common Content Curation mistakes to avoid in order to succeed in Content Curation.

Most Common Content Curation Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes often happen when you are not aware of how something works. But there are yet other mistakes that happen purely because of carelessness or, the unwillingness to follow a laid out process or, system.

So if you are ready to learn how Content Curation works and also have the willingness to follow the system to the “T”, then there is no reason why you would make any of these mistakes that we are going to discuss today.

But if you are making any of these mistakes, then it is time that you identify them and make corrections so that your overall content marketing strategy doesn’t get impacted.

In this episode we are going to discuss the following:

  • The single biggest mistake that most Curators make and which can prove fatal to your blog
  • How do you ensure that your curation is different from all the others
  • What is the ideal proportion of Curation Content to Original Content, in a blog?

Helpful Resources for Curation

Here are some of the resources that can help you in your content curation strategy –

While I recommend Curation Suite for aggregating and curating content, it is not necessary that you use this tool. You can curate content without any of these tools, though that might take slightly more time.

Thank You for Joining

I wanted to thank you all for joining me on this episode today.

I hope you enjoyed this episode and learnt a lot about content curation and the most common content curation mistakes to avoid. If you really liked this episode then don’t forget to do the following:

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