Common mistakes while working on social media sites & how to avoid them

Social Media MistakesWith rapid development in technology, social media has emerged as a major platform to reach millions of people at once. Social networks have always been a major part of life. With an improved interface provided by today’s internet technology, has revolutionized the way that organizations used to interact with public earlier.

The irresistible force of social media sites like Facebook, twitter help industries to establish direct communication with people. In short, we can say that time has changed. Social media marketing is now an unavoidable part of marketing strategy as it is very inexpensive and has access to vast global communities.

But when it comes to implement social media marketing, many people forget its key points, which result drastically later. Few common mistakes which are often done by social media marketers are-

No proper strategy

The most common mistake done by marketers is that they assume that social media marketing is very easy. But this is not the truth. Instead it requires a lot of workout and strategies to run a successful social media campaign. So to avoid this mistake, clear your goals and make a plan accordingly.

Your profile should say it all

Many marketers do not pay attention towards their profile which is the most important part of marketing strategy. Because whenever anyone visits your profile your profile image is the first thing to be noticed. So to avoid this idiotic mistake, make sure your profile image is clear, consistent on all platforms and clearly visible even as a thumbnail.

Consistent and regularity in use

Many people think that social media marketing doesn’t require much effort but this is not true. You have to be very regular and consistent while using social media for marketing purpose. So be an active member and login to your social networks on regular basis to leave a good impact on others.

Appreciate other’s thoughts

One biggest mistake which is often done by many people is that they ignore the queries of visitors and do not pay attention to the negative comments. But this should not be done as such negative comments will help you to improve your strategies.

Stop selling, build network

Many people think that posting their ads or links everywhere will help them to get the benefits of social media marketing. But the truth is that by doing this you are just selling your product. Social media platform is for building networks and relationships and not for selling or promoting products. So avoid this stupid act and build a bond of trust with your subscribers.

Expecting sales overnight

Expecting a full-on sale overnight is the biggest mistake of many marketers. Social media marketing is a term which doesn’t give instant results. These strategies take time to get materialized. So be calm and have patience.

Lack of communication

Lack of communication is one of the most common mistakes. Because usually people marketers keep on posting and promoting their business and forget to establish a bond with viewers so be in touch with your subscribers. Keep on informing them about happenings all around.

Call to action

Many marketers do not pay attention to what viewers want and keep on pitching their business sense to everyone. But it can result drastically. Instead, one should always give a brief view and those who are interested will definitely join you on your call. So never forget to make a CTA (call to action). It will induce visitors to either register with your site or simply to subscribe your newsfeed; in any case you are definitely going to get its benefit.

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