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Common Reasons Why Your Site is Invisible in Google SERP

June 30, 2012

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This is a guest post by Rod on Why your site is invisible in Google SERP.You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Each time you click any or all of the ads on our websites, it is like Christmas to us. Indeed, a click can turn unexpectedly into good profit. Of course, cash flow was very staggered at first; but upon improvements, money came in eventually and surprisingly at any time during the day.

Actually, this ingenious concept is mostly observed on social networking sites, blogs or video streaming sites all over the web, where viewer traffic is significantly increased. This concept is popularized by Google as AdSense where Google sponsors ads and half of the profit for every click goes to us, or all website owners who agree on these ads to be posted on their sites. Here’s a more elaborate picture of how it works.

Google AdSense: How it works

The moment you type any word on a Google search engine bar, that word will be matched with the keywords optimized for all websites all over the Net. Matching research results will pull up and you will observe sponsored links laid out on specific areas. Google, as the leading search engine, earns millions through these sponsored links. Basically, Google sells a parcel of its webpage to a business that needs web advertising and every click on those links means more earnings for Google.

To offer more spaces for more advertisements and to earn more profit as well, Google introduced to us AdSense wherein this time, Google deals with us, website owners, for us to sell certain areas of our pages where the ads they sponsor can be positioned. Google still earns for every click on those ads and we, as owners, are being paid half of what they earn depending on the traffic.

Raking Profits

What we do to earn from those clicks is based on our websites—creating articles that trigger the interest of the majority, updating and improving our sites and utilizing easily searchable keywords that will lead you directly to us. If 10 people all over the world visit our site every minute, there’s a big chance that may be 2 out of 10 will click on the Google ads. Thus, we earn somewhere from $0.01 to $1.00 for every click. And so this cycle continues and even intensifies.

If this trade interests you by any chance, we can provide you some helpful insights on how to improve your website.

We get to various sites on the World Wide Web not by memorizing each domain name, but by searching for them on Google. So as a website owner, we compete for more web traffic to get more profitable ads by making sure our website is not “search engine invisible.”

Here are some tips to guide you:

Invest on a good website design

A good website does not rely only on artistic or exceptional designs. We consider as well the speed of loading time, presence of social syndication, quality of optimization, and accessibility of embedded links. Failure to address these conditions surely leads to very poor ranking.

Make your content “Google-readable”

Although the use of photos add more twist to our websites, we make sure that our searchable keywords are used as text instead of creatively adding them into an image. Google cannot read past Flash images, photos and videos; so if you need to be visible, help Google read you.

Too much of everything is never good

By this time, you would think that in order to achieve high ranking, a website should repeat the same keywords over and over all throughout the site. We strongly disagree. Keyword stuffing may lead to lower ranking; so make your content straight and concise.

Your links say more about your website

To advertise our website, we exchange links with other websites; but we do it under careful consideration. We choose sites which have related content with ours, and which have reputable rankings. The more credible sites we exchange with, the higher we go on Google ranking.

Diligence is a virtue

We are never complacent of how our websites look like. It actually helps us get updated when Google re-indexes sites regularly. It is post fresh content and information about 1-2 times a week.

Too much change will kill you

Although change is advised once Google re-indexes your site and to prove that your site is still active, too much change on your content, title and links may reset your ranking to scratch.

We cannot guarantee that after you read this, you’ll immediately land on the highest rank. It was difficult for us as well. However eventually, things will come through. All you just need are gallons of diligence and an endless supply of patience.

About the Author 

Rod Tolentino is a marketing consultant for Affilorama, an affiliate marketing portal. You can also check their affiliate marketing blog and affiliate marketing forum for more tips and information about affiliate marketing. They also offer, free affiliate marketing lessons for beginning and advance affiliates.

About the author 

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