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Serpstat Review – Is it a Good alternative to Ahrefs and SEMRush?

December 7, 2019

Last Updated on - December 7, 2019  

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SERPStat Review

Digital Marketing Specialists have a gigantic task on their hands to lead the charge in a rapidly evolving field.

The rules of the game are continuously changing, and practices that once offered guaranteed successful results, and now stand redundant.

It is important to stay on top of all the changes, else you could find your business lagging behind.

There is a tool for everything – from social media marketing to SEO, and beyond. These tools are designed to help enhance a brand’s marketing, SEO ranking, analysis and digital experience.

When it comes to the most frequently used SEO tools, most digital Services agencies prefer using SEMrush and ahref.

Both SEMrush and ahref are being widely used for quite some time and are incredibly steady and convenient to use. However, with newer and alternative new entrants in the market offering better functionality at more affordable price these tools have kind of taken a backseat.

One such tool is SerpStat which is an all-in-one SEO tool and in this post we will do a comprehensive and detailed review of this tool. Let us get straight into this SERPStat review.

SERPSTAT Review – The Basics

It was released in 2013, and it started as a keyword research tool. SerpStat was developed by a team of professionals to make daily digital services easy to use. The intent was to develop an In-House tool for achieving better and effective results in quicker span of time.


Later in 2016, SerpStat upgraded to incorporate the top six Digital Marketing tools, each with its unique feature lists and capability handling measures.

As of now SerpStat has 1,00,000+ active users along with 100 million keywords successfully plugged in. 

SERPStat – Features of the tool

SerpStat is an integrated and comprehensive SEO platform for marketing specialists and the bloggers community across the globe. It covers the BIG FIVE primary SEO tools.

  1. Keyword Based Research
  2. Web Domain/URL Analysis
  3. Rank Tracking
  4. Backlining Analysis
  5. Site Auditing  

Apart from the above listed tools, SerpStat has other in-built additional features and facilities, that stand out from the other SEO tools in the marketplace.

How Popular is SERPStat

It provides data for 18 Google regions which includes UK, USA, Netherlands, Brazil, Canada, Latvia, Belarus, Russia, France, Kazakhstan, Spain, Bulgaria etc.

Specifically, for Google US, SerpStat provides 156 million listed keywords under keyword research, approximately 21 million keywords for competitive analysis, 34.7 million search suggestions, more than 60 million domains and 17.2 million ads.


At present approximately 1 lakh businesses and digital professionals use SerpStat while it gets 5+ million requests every month.

Keyword Research

Apart from the regular and conventional keyword selection methodologies, SerpStat offers additional features and metrics to supersede the expectations.  

 Keyword research
  • Once you start typing Google suggests common keywords as you proceed with your search query. It suggests long-tail keywords which can make the content on your page look natural at the same avoids keyword stuffing.
  • It has a diverse database of FAQ Pages, Blogs, Q&A, Infographics etc. It prompts to choose from search-based questions.
  • It helps to expand the LSI keyword list which helps to optimize multiple keywords in a single page.
  • It filters the keywords into transactional, navigational, or informational through its keyword intent metrics. It helps to identify special element like local maps, shopping, answers and listings. For local maps optimization, SerpStat is a very useful tool.
  • This tool helps you procure organic as well as ad keywords. So, you wouldn’t have to use multiple tools to get different types of keywords.
  • SerpStat also lets you view the Google trends of keywords in the research section. This lets you know the keyword trend over the years.
  • You can also view the competitors ranking for the same keywords along with their analysis on this tool. Along with keywords you can also get the backlink analysis for your competitors.
  • All the comprehensive data that you are looking will be presented to you through graphs for better analysis and understanding.

Website Analysis

SerpStat gives you website analysis data comprising of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) rankings according to the CTR, prominence, organic traffic, Google Business Listing Services along with ranking of the organic keywords.

SerpStat enables you to carry out the web performance metric analysis at Domain level and URL level

At domain level, SerpStat will give you data by analysing the website on several aspects like backlinks, page/site traffic, targeted keywords, ranking etc. All the data that you have to analyse will be available at your fingertips.

Visibility: This signifies the prominence of your website. The data will be provided by the tool. Your analysis will be based on the data – the higher number indicates better visibility.

website visibility

Search Engine Traffic Analysis: The organic traffic is depicted through the Search Engine traffic your website is getting. The numbers are according to CTR, therefore, there will be a difference in data from SerpStat and Google webmaster.

search engine traffic analysis

Organic Keywords: You will be able to get the exact volume of organic keywords which drives your website ranking. This will enable you to track, understand the ranking and target the keywords accordingly. This section will give you comprehensive data about the volume, ranking, reach of your website.

Organic keywords

Keywords Position Distribution: You will get exact volume of keywords grouped together by SerpStat. So, based on this data you will be able to know which group is performing well based on the traffic.

A segregated structure based on your segment allows you to create data customization for ease of understanding. You will be able to filter out the data and create a customized view for easy understanding. Therefore, you can extract data and then analyze and represent it according to your needs.

At the URL level, the analysis with competitors will be done according to the URL.

website analysis

You can also use the SerpStat Website Analysis to outline a plan to move ahead in your competitive rankings.

Rank Tracking

With the help of the rank tracking tool you will be able to monitor your website’s position in SerpStat for your targeted keywords.

This tool will assist in:

  • Analyzing the ranking keywords
  • List of pages that drive most traffic
  • Number of keywords the page is ranking
  • List of PPC
  • Number of “do follow” link and the domains
  • Tracking technical snags and improvising on them

To start the monitoring process, you must create a project, indicate the region and database, and add keywords. The tool is inbuilt with auto suggestions, and it will automatically prompt the list of the most suitable keywords.

You can choose to get ranking updates daily, weekly or after every three days. You can also set-up automated reports which you will get in your email, when ever you choose to get them.

The competitor’s tab will let you monitor and track the traffic of competitors. You will be able to analyze the traffic shares your website get.

serpstat rank analysis

The SerpStat is a free tool with premium features you can use free of cost to track the performance and knowledge of your competitor’s local listing optimization and strategize to outrank them going forward.

This tool can be used for free for up to 30 queries in a single day. It is a good amount if you are just starting out.

SerpStat Backlinking Analysis

The next feature of this unique comprehensive tool is backlinking analysis.

This feature is important as it provides you a detailed look into the backlinking status of your competitors.

The following image is an insight of the feature.

backlinking analysis

Referring Domains and Pages – You will get the volume of domains referring to your web portal. When you research further, you will have the exact domains referring to your business website. This tool will provide a better understanding of links per domain referring to your site.

Apart from this, it gives you an insight of “do follow” and “no follow” links. You will get the list of new as well as redundant backlinks along with the kind of domains linked. You will be able to fetch the anchor list and its ratio of usages.

SerpStat Review of Site Audit

The all-in-one SerpStat tool offers unique features to its users, one of it is the Page Audit feature. The tool enables the users to check for all kinds of testing measures to avoid errors which can occur.

This feature is very beneficial and convenient to use. You can technically monitor your website and analyse performance metrics to improve the rankings.

SerpStat Review of Site Audit

You can instantly get a comprehensive analysis for any website pages, while it proved to be quicker than any other process of complete site scan .

Due to which, you will be monitoring pages that promote higher traffic to your site as well as for recently added pages.

When you see from the benchmarking perspective, SerpStat assists you in being a leader in your niche.


Now that the features of the SerpStat tool have been examined, it is safe to say that it has all the features to easily become the ideal choice for digital marketing professionals and agencies.

And with constant improvement in the Google database, the popularity of this tool is surely increasing too. Laden with such unique and comprehensive features, this tool is set to be the gamechanger in the digital world.

Author Bio:

vishal vivek

Vishal Vivek is an eminent Indian serial entrepreneur. Despite having to shoulder huge family responsibilities at a tender age, lack of proper training, and a dearth of resources and funding, he started SEO Corporation and scaled it up to a well-known SEO Company with sheer will power and integrity of character. In the uncertain world of search engine optimization, he is one of the few experts who gives guarantees and honors them.

The Times Group recognized him as a legendary entrepreneur and published his biography in the book  I Did IT (Vol 2) when he was just 30!

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