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Blogging is an art. So is choosing the content to write on. The competition is so fierce these days that you would find about a hundred thousand blogs on a specific niche, howsoever specific you are. So when the competition is fierce, what is the mantra to stay successful?

Blogging is a factor of the number of visitors to your blogs. The more the visitors, the more popular your blog. The popularity of your blog will determine the amount of money you make from it. So all of this means that you have to maintain a steady flow of visitors to you blog is you have to be successful in your niche.

When there is so much available on the internet and most of them being common, what is it that would help you maintain a steady flow of visitors? To understand this we will first need to understand the kind of visitors to your blog.

Your blog would have two types of visitors – Returning visitors and new visitors. The returning visitors are the ones who would subscribe to you blog and would keep coming back because they like your content and want more. The new ones would be the ones that come from your links on other blogs, social networks and more importantly from suggestions and advices from your subscribers.

This means that the steady flow of traffic to your blog would be influenced by the ones who subscribe to your blog or, in other words, your returning visitors. So if you are to stay successful you need to cater to their demand and keep them engrossed.

“Continuing content” is something that can help you achieve this. Let me explain what continuing content is. Caroline Middlebrook in her blog has quite a few posts on getting traffic from Stumble Upon and also has an e-course on the same topic. She has actually broken down the tips on getting traffic into numerous small blog posts and keep adding to what she had written in her earlier posts. A reader to her blog, like me would read one of her post on the said topic and would want to come back to check the next post because this topic is of interest to me. This is what “Continuing Content” is.

Continuing content, necessarily does not mean that the content has to be on the same topic. You can build continuity to various other topics, if you are smart enough to do that. A post on StumbleUpon traffic generation can continue to a google analytics post if you know how the two can be linked. A little bit of effort and research can make you a pro in this and can do a lot to making your blog a successful one.

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