Create Instant video sites in minutes and earn money

Is Google Adsense a worthy enough option to make some money from ads?

I never felt so!!

I was fascinated with the mini-site revolution and got into the internet marketing arena when I read a book on making money from advertisements – Google and Yahoo, being the two major networks.

Most of you might have started your internet journey this same way.

Let me ask you a few questions?

How did your journey on the internet go after you started? How much money did you earn from Google or, Yahoo ads? How many money making websites do you have as on date?

If answering these questions took more than 3 minutes of your time, then let me tell you that you are not making any money from your website. This is because if you were making any money, you would know the number of websites that you have and you will for sure have a dollar value to quote as you earning.

I too, did not earn a single penny for the first few months. But I was fairly good at HTML and knew how to build sites. I also was lucky enough to invest in a niche finder software called as Micro Niche Finder, which dug out a couple of niche markets for me. So I finally built about 15 odd websites and slapped a few advertisement codes on them and also linked them to a few affiliate product websites and in about 17 days I saw my first few dollars. Since that day I have 37 websites on the internet in addition to other affiliate marketing websites and blogs. These 37 websites generate close to $7,000 in advertisement income every month. This means each of these websites generate about $189.00 per month. (Not bad for me because since the day I have put these websites on the internet, I have not looked at them).

But creating these websites, sure took me about 3-4 days. It was boring, tiring, frustrating and lot of other ….ings. -:)

The last month I came across this script that was referred to me by my friend James. He said that this script generates instant video websites that are dynamic in nature and that I will not have to spend more than 10-15 minutes. I was excited. I straight away downloaded the script and read through the read me file.

The next 15 minutes saw me launch my first video website. You can check it out at

It is precisely 36 days that I have launched the website and my income from this website for the month comes to about $211.83. Isn’t that better than the websites that I had created?

Such is the power of videos and the instant videos script.

You can check out and download the script here. The script costs only $20.00.

Do let me know your feedback about the script. Yo ucan contact me in case you face any problems.

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