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5 Tips for Creating Perfect Content

October 17, 2013

Last Updated on - April 20, 2014  

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creating unique contentLet’s face it: no matter how talented a writer you are, there is very little in the way of subject matter and article formats out there that haven’t been done a thousand times over, and that simple fact will require that you give your content a unique spin each and every time you write if you want to catch the attention of fickle readers. From the way that you write to the images that you use in your blog posts, every single factor counts when the competition is this stiff!

In the name of helping what your blog has to offer rise to the top, here are five tips for creating perfect content:

1. Shine Up the Old Until It’s New

Given the point made in our opening paragraph, it’s very likely that the topic that you choose to undertake for your next article has already been done at least once by another blogger, and that means that you’re going to need to put a unique enough spin on things that your words won’t end up reading like many millions before them. To this end, be sure to employ your own unique style, allowing your personal voice to be heard clearly, even among all of the others.

[social_quote duplicate=”no” align=”default”]Content is King is no more the correct phrase to use. Unique content is the King and was always was![/social_quote]

2. Always Illustrate

Instead of leaving your readers alone with your words, take advantage of the potential of a graphical addition to your work in order to make your content more engaging for anyone who stumbles upon it. Whether that means sprinkling your paragraphs with simple images that relate to the topic at hand, or utilizing infographics or other visual aids in making a point, every single piece that you publish should offer your readers a perfect combination of words and images, giving them a double dose of worthy stimulation as you walk them through your point.

3. Consider a Formatting Theme

creating unique content

One excellent way to make not only your individual posts stand out, but your blog as a whole, is to choose a formatting theme and stick with it across the board. This could mean formatting each piece as a top 10 list, in the form of a letter, or with a simple introduction, body, and conclusion; no matter which style you choose, you can bet that your readers will appreciate the continuity as they surf your content.

Obviously, the key here is to be sure that you choose a formatting theme that is as engaging and appreciable as your content itself!

4. Be Unique – Stand Out From the Crowd

Every topic may have been covered one thousand times over online, but that doesn’t mean that a bit of your creative genius won’t be enough to establish some uniqueness, and this is exactly what you need to do if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Instead of telling you how to be unique here – that may be just a bit counterintuitive – we’ll leave the particulars up to you, but never be afraid to let your personality shine through in everything that you write, allowing your own creative chops to help you to create something that is truly worth reading every single time your fingers begin to fly across your keyboard.

5. Write Every Word For Your Readers

While it can be easy to get lost in your prose as if you were writing for yourself, it’s very important that you remember your audience with every word that you commit to, allowing yourself to always be creating content for them and them alone. This means taking into account what you know about your readers: why are they visiting your blog to begin with? What related topics do they enjoy? How can you better compel them to click an internal link? What can you offer them that will make them thankful that they paid your little corner of the web a visit?

By following these simple rules, you’ll have a great head start in putting together absolutely perfect pieces each time you’re ready to publish!

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About the author: Anna Fox is the creative writer running a blog about productivity and self-improvement. For illustrating blog posts on her own blog for making them shine she is using images from Smart Photo Stock – a source of high quality photos and graphics.

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