Dan Lew’s Simple Mobile Pro – Video Review


Simple Mobile Pro Product reviewA product that was recently launched at the Warrior Forum was Simple Mobile Pro by Dan Lew. It was out of curiosity as to what could be “Simple” and “Mobile”, I thought I will check out this product.

Dan Lew is a very respectable marketer and his earlier launches have all been extremely good products. Unlike most other internet marketing GURUS who prefer hundred dollar launches, when actually the product will not even be worth a few bucks, Dan has always launched most of his products at the warrior forum and that too as dime sales.

Simple Mobile Pro, hence had to be a good product, given the reputation of the marketer.

After I bought Simple Mobile Pro and went about the course and softwares, I was extremely impressed with what was included in the package.

The product was a recommended one for people who preferred offline marketing. Even for people who are at the point of beginning their internet marketing career, Simple Mobile Pro was a recommended product.

The package was complete with whatever is required to start an offline mobile marketing business.

Simple Mobile Pro Review Videos

I did a series of videos promoting the product and its features, which are added below. I hope these will serve as valuable information to you.


If you are interested in seeing a video of Simple Mobile Pro review, check out this video.

==> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wk02-dfl-r4

For details on the bonuses available with Simple Mobile Pro Bonus package, see this video.

==> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dL_s5ZONuR4