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Daniel Tan’ Social Metrics Pro Review – Does it really work?

March 18, 2012

Last Updated on - April 20, 2014  

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social metrics pro reviewI wanted to do a complete social metrics pro review only after I had installed the plugin and used it for a couple of days. I hence had to wait for about 2-3 days to see the real results.

One of the latest launches at Clickbank is Social Metrics Pro by Daniel Tan. And the reason for it becoming so interesting is the latest Google Panda update. The Big G went on to announce that, henceforth social signals is what it will prefer.

What that meant is, if you site has a considerable social media presence, then the likelihood of your site getting ranked better on Google is higher in comparison to someone whose site is not that well ranked.

Scope of our Social Metrics Pro Review?

In our social metrics pro review, we decided that we will look at aspects that a lot of other reviewers did not touch upon.

Social Metrics pro is a wordpress plugin and so the basic expectation is that it should put as little load as possible on the website loading. This was something that we were kind of satisfied to a 50-50 extent. Though the plugin did not put too much of load on the website loading, we were tired of seeing the “data refresh” notification on our panel. Though Daniel Tan claims that it is very fast, our social metrics pro review proved otherwise.

Having said that social metrics pro negated this negative aspect by many of its positive aspects.

Social Metrics Pro review – The Dashboard

This was one of the best aspects of the plugin. We were impressed with the plugin settings and scorecard dashboard. The settings were extremely simple. It had some extremely simple options like –

  1. Selecting the social media sites to check.
  2. Some simple options to enable import to CSV or, excel etc.
  3. Option to switch on caching and switch it off.

Not to many confusing options and settings. Just some simple ones. Our Social Metrics pro review scored the plugin a five-on-five for this option.

Add to this the simply readable dashboard that shows you how you are doing in a conditional formatting that is similar to that of the one you find in MS-Excel and you have one of the simplest yet most powerful plugins around.

Concluding our Social Metrics Pro review

Before we conclude our social metrics pro review, it becomes imperative for us to discuss some of the results that we saw in the past 4 days.

We blindly followed the alerts and the signals and we were able to increase our traffic by about 98%. The impact of this traffic on our bottomlines were about 41% which was still good for amount looking at the $47 that we spent on the plugin.

===> You can check out the plugin here.

Don’t forget to let us know you thoughts about our social metrics pro review by commenting below.

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