Dave Guindon’s Amasuite 3.0 Review


Amasuite 2.0 ReviewAmazon has always been the first choice for anybody starting out at affiliate marketing. In spite of the fact that their payouts are very low, affiliates prefer promoting their products, thanks to the sitewide cookie feature. This practically means that pretty much anything that your referral purchases from Amazon, irrespective of which product referral link of yours they clicked, you get paid. The commissions are not that bad either.

I have got a few very pleasant surprises, when I have logged into my Amazon affiliate dashboard, a lot of times. Once I was surprised to find that there were 2 LED TV sales from a link I used to promote kitchen knife sets.

But the challenge for most marketers, especially since the sudden burst of thousands of affiliate marketers on the internet marketing arena, is to find a product that is in demand and that can get organic traffic to it. As an affiliate marketer myself, there were 3 main problems areas that I almost always faced –

  1. Narrowing in on products in demand.
  2. Keyword research for these products, in order to find keywords that I could get ranked for.
  3. Finding content for the products, so that I can use them on my websites and blogs.

The average time that I spent on doing all this for about 2 products used to be about 24 hours. That was a lot of time spent on research and this was one deterrent that led me to reduce my Amazon related activities.

Amasuite 3.0 Review

Amasuite is a solution to all of the above problems. Dave Guindon has created and amazing product, I must say. I never knew about the version 1.0 of this product. About a week back, I was introduced to this software suite by one of my affiliate friends. I immediately got hold of a copy of the software suite, just to check how it worked.

And boy… I was surprised at the amount of time I could save using these.

Amasuite 3.0 is a suite of softwares that simplifies of the challenges that I and many other Amazon affiliates have always been faced with. It consists of 3 softwares and a plugin –

  1. Azon Keyword Generator – It generates in demand keywords in no time
  2. Azon Top 100 Analyzer – This software extracts the top 100 products from several important sections from Amazon.
  3. Azon Product Inspector – This software extracts detailed product information from the entire Amazon website.
  4. Amasync WordPress Plugin – This WordPress plugin pulls product data from the Amazon API system to display affiliate products on your WordPress site.

Now that completes everything that you would need to start promoting Amazon affiliate products.

Check out the below Amasuite 3.0 review video to learn more about what these softwares do.

Click the below link to order your Copy Today –

===> https://dkspeaks.com/amasuitesoftware


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  1. I didn’t know about this solution for affiliated marketers. It’s seams like a useful set of tools for creating valuable content specific to amazon products. It’s always good see plugins that simplify people work by bringing the information all together in one place.

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