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Developing a Facebook Content Strategy for Your Business Page!

October 26, 2013

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Facebook SecurityWhen developing any kind of business, marketing is going to be very important. One of the best ways a business can advertise to millions of people is by using Facebook. Just about everyone has a Facebook page and people all over the world use this site. However, a business has to keep many things in mind to attract as many fans and followers as possible.

The Benefits of Facebook

There are many reasons to include Facebook in a business strategy plan. One of the benefits of using this social media site is that it is free. There are no costs to sign up and look for followers. This is about the biggest bang you’re gonna get for you “buck” anywhere, since a number of games and features already attract millions of people to this site daily. All of these users are potential customers. Businesses large and small enjoy that Facebook does not use up any of their advertising budget.

Make the Page Appealing

With so many Facebook pages and companies looking to attract fans and followers, it’s important to make your page stand out. It should be attention-getting and easy to navigate. You page should also clearly state what you company sells or the services it provides. You should update your news feeds often, with stories or videos that are interesting and for all audiences. To attract an even bigger base of followers, offer some kind of discount for liking your page. Free samples also work well to attract a large amount of followers in a short period of time.

Know the People of Facebook

Knowing what group of people to target (or a target audience) will help a business get new customers. Any business needs to consider the demographics of the people they’re trying to reach. This will help create a page that will catch their attention and get them interested. If a person likes a page or something posted on the page, they can share it with their friends. The reading level of the page doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Things should be kept simple and to the point.

Post Things that are Relevant

Sometimes a business may not have to much to post. That’s ok – posting relevant topics will help you stay in the feeds and give direction on what to post and share. Smaller businesses can post local news stories, events and similar topics. Any business can post tricks to help make a person’s life easier. Links to blog and behind-the-scenes information from the staff are also winners. It may also be wise to become friends with companies that offer similar services.

Social media sites are used by millions of people everyday, and Facebook is a great way to advertise without having to spend money – and once you start seeing returns, you’ll get it!

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