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DKSP EP02: How to Create and Setup a High Quality Private Blog Network – Part 2

April 6, 2015

Last Updated on - February 11, 2018  

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Private Blog Network

This is episode 2 of DKSpeaks Podcast and part 2 on creating and setting up a High Quality Private Blog Network.

In the last show we discussed some critical aspects and points that you need to keep in mind when setting up a Private Blog Network or, PBN. I got a few questions from some of my readers and listeners of the show at Soundcloud on how to go about setting up the blog and where to find high quality domains for your PBNs.

I only recently went the PBN route and in about 6 months, I could see the difference in the rankings for some of my niche blogs. With every link I built, I tracked the rankings of the blog. In under 4 months, the blog reached 9th position from being on the 11th page of Google.

(You will find links to a lot of recommended tools in the below notes. Some of them are affiliate links and I will get paid when you order your service using the link. These are marked by (aff) just beside the link.)

How to Setup a WordPress Blog for your Private Blog Network?

So we will start with finding authority domain names for your blog. We had discussed about the essential domain attributes in Episode 1 of the DKSpeaks podcast. Don’t forget to listen to it to know more about these.

We primarily use the below 3 resources to find high Authority Expired Domain Names that we can then use in our Private Blog Network.

  1. Moonsy
  2. DomCop
  3. News Domain Sniper (aff)

We primarily use Moonsy and News Domain Sniper. The latter has an added advantage in the fact that it gives you the details of expired domain names with backlinks from high authority news websites like CNN, CNBC, BBC etc. and also has good Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow and Citation Flow. This way you get these high value domain names for less than $10.00

Register these domain names using different names and details that you generate using fakenamegenerator.com as discussed in Episode-1. Always use a real email address, but never a gmail address.

Once you have registered the domain name, you need to find a hosting service to host your site. You can find a lot of hosts for less than $1.00 a month. You can get a shared hosting service with one of these, which you can then use for the blog. We have a list of hosting services that costs less than a dollar a month. You can get the list below.

[sociallocker id=”7557″] Click here to download! [/sociallocker]

Again, keep in mind that you use a different name everytime you buy a hosting service. In this case as well, use a real email address other than a gmail address. You can register a hotmail or, a Yahoo email and use it for your hosting and domain registration.

You can setup your blog using WordPress. Other Content Management solutions like Drupal and Jhoomla are a little complicated. But WordPress is simple to setup and manage and it is hence that we recommend using WordPress.

Once your blog is setup, you can install a simple one pages theme. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that the home page in this theme should be capable of showing the links. Some theme that show an excerpt on the home page strips all HTML tags and hence doesn’t show the links. This is something you will want to keep in mind when you select your theme.

Now you can move onto installing the essential plugins. Just install the most critical 2-3 plugins. We have a tendency to get obsessed with the plugins and would normally go on an Installation spree. Don’t do that with the blogs on your PBNs. Install just the ones that are critical.

One plugin that we recommend that you should install in all the blogs on your PBN is SEO redirection. This will help manage the backlinks to your blog and ensure that they are not broken. At the same time keep in mind that you should never ever install Google Analytics on these blogs.

Content for the Blogs in your Private Blog Network

This was one of the questions that I received from one of the listeners of Episode-1.

What are the things you need to keep in mind when it comes to the content for the blogs? Should you setup niche related blogs? Is it necessary that you setup the blog in the same niche that the domain was in, before it got expired?

Let us discuss each of these.

It is recommended that you build Niche relevant websites for your PBNs. Though backlinks from a high authority blog in any niche is valuable, niche relevant links have more value and authority. Hence setup your blogs around a single niche. You can setup about 5-6 blogs for each niche and then build backlinks to that niche specific money site from these blogs.

If you happen to buy a domain name that was in a specific niche before it expired, you need not setup your blog around the same niche. You can use it for a blog in any niche. Just keep in mind that you buy generic domain names.

For eg: if you buy a domain name bestgolfshots.com, it will look very wierd if you build a tropical fish related website around it.

So buy a generic domain name and then you can build any niche related blog on that domain name.

Article for your Private Blog Network

Outsourcing all your writing needs is what is recommended, if you want to focus on the other more important activities related to your business. But, if you are planning to build a reasonable good network of blogs, you mind end up getting 100s of articles written and this will cost you quite a few dollars.

Hence we follow a nifty little strategy to get around this and so that we don’t spend a lot of money on getting article written.

We get our articles written at iwriter.com, which is what we recommend primarily because of their low prices and good quality. We ask the writers to write articles using simple words and sentences and in plain and simple english. Once we have about 3-4 articles written, we load them onto Spin Rewriter which is an article spinner that we recommend, and spin these articles.

Spin Rewriter has a unique algorithm that rewrites articles to get unique, human readable articles. And since our original article used simple terms, the rewritten article is of extremely high quality and has a very high degree of readability.

This way we generate hundreds of articles from the 3-4 articles that we had got written using iwriter.

It is recommended that you add at least one image and a relevant video to your articles. Spin rewriter has this unique feature that inserts relevant videos into the spun articles. This way you don’t have to spend time hunting for videos and you get everything ready on the same dashboard. All that you need to do is copy and paste the article into your WordPress blog.

So, now you have your first blog ready for your Private Blog Network. Watch as your money sites start to climb up the rankings as you build many more such blogs and then start building backlinks to your money sites from these blogs.

If you have any questions, don’t forget to write to me and I can answer them in the next episodes.

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast:

  1. iwriter.com (aff)
  2. Spin Rewriter (aff)
  3. News Domain Sniper
  4. Moonsy
  5. Expired Domains
  6. Fake Name Generator

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