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DKSP EP:20 – 10 Most Common Facebook Advertising Mistakes that You Should Avoid

October 8, 2015

Last Updated on - October 8, 2015  

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facebook advertising mistakes

The Facebook Advertising Wormhole!

It’s something you can really get sucked into. And funnier is the fact that you will not even realize that you have just been sucked into a Worm hole.

Facebook advertising is huge and it is becoming bigger and bigger each day. There are numerous products that are being launched all of which helps with advertising, rather marketing on Facebook. Most of these products deal with a certain element in Facebook marketing like some products help you create engaging images, some helps you write the ad copy, yet others help you manage all of this from one single dashboard.

One such product that was launched recently was a web based application called Social Video Spark. Social Video Spark deals with video marketing on Facebook. We had discussed about video advertising in our last episode and how you can use it to your benefit. Native videos on Facebook is getting a lot of engagement and attention. But the biggest problem most marketers face is in not knowing how to upload videos to Facebook and optimize it so that it shows up on top of their Newsfeed. And Social Video Spark, helps you do that. A simple and easy to use formula in the application helps in uploading and optimizing videos on Facebook.

You can order Social Video Spark at the launch discount from the link in the resources section below.

If you are new to the entire Facebook marketing and advertising thing, then you might want to check out my free eCourse on Facebook Marketing Basics.

In this Episode – 10 Common Facebook Advertising Mistakes

We will continue with our discussion on Facebook advertising from our last episode and in this episode we are going to discuss the 10 most common facebook advertising mistakes that most people make and how to avoid them.

Somewhere in the discussion you will realize that I too made these same mistakes and if you happened to do it yourself, then you need not be embarrassed. Because these are common mistakes that all of us make. What we will be trying to do in this episode is to find a solution to this and also looking at a better way of dealing with these mistakes.

The Facebook advertising mistakes that we will be discussing in this episode are –

  1. Not Building a Fanbase and running ads for Cold Customers
  2. Targeting everybody and their DOG with the same ad
  3. Not split testing Image
  4. Picking the wrong objectives and then measuring it with the wrong Metrics.
  5. Not creating Multiple Ads
  6. Not reviewing the performance of the ads
  7. Not testing with different targeting
  8. Not organizing the ads, ad sets and Campaigns
  9. Creating Poor Landing Pages
  10. Not tweaking their ad copies for better conversions

You would realize that most of these are mistakes that you too would have done at some point in time, if you have ever run a Facebook ad. Some of the tips that we discuss in this episode will help you overcome these.

Resources from this Episode

Here are some of the resources that we discussed in today’s episode:

  1. Thrive Content Builder
  2. WP Profit Builder
  3. Optimizepress 2
  4. Social Video Spark

Thank You for Joining

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