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The Elements Of A Perfect Post On Social Networks

November 20, 2013

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While many self-proclaimed gurus out there try to compare the effectiveness of SEO campaigns on different social networks, in the end all that matter is to achieve harmony between your social accounts and hence, reap the benefits from all of them.

To put it simply, instead of treating the major social networks as distinct entities, you should start perceiving them as a whole and perfect the way you communicate on each channel. Communication in this context is done via posts and the following guide will reveal the top elements that make a successful one on social networks.


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Following the revamp earlier this year, LinkedIn has known a tremendous success and popularity. In fact, not only did businesses create effective company pages on LinkedIn, but over 87% of the users claim the social network feedback affects their decision making. Here’s how you get your content among the trusted sources on LinkedIn:

  • The posts include a shortened link in copy (the latest updates now strip the URLs of any tracking token you attach)
  • Promoting one primary post is more likely to get you clicks, likes and comments compared to updating your account several times per day
  • The post integrates truly valuable info and hence, makes users more prone to sharing lead gen content
  • The user has engaged in several group discussions that debate his areas of interest
  • LinkedIn Announcements provides a great way of upping lead generation, especially when utilized in the groups a user joined


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Because there are over one billion tweets updated each week, some may say that it would take a miracle to get your content through under these circumstances. Here are the elements that make popular tweets successful:

  • The tweets are short, meaning less than 130 characters
  • Shorter tweets mean that reposts don’t have to be cut, so the optimized keyword is preserved
  • Successful tweets include the brand or user’s handle and have a higher chance of getting noticed
  • Because they include a period as a character at the beginning of the post, the tweets can be seen by everyone
  • The posts aren’t over-flooded with hashtags (as Twitter points out, more than two hashtags is basically overkill)
  • The hashtags are natural, while the post don’t include trending hashtags that are practically forced into the content
  • They include visual elements to support the content (despite the fact that photo sharing is less popular on this social network)
  • The pictures are a direct upload to the Twitter account (uploading from Instagram forces viewers to click on a link to see the content)
  • The useful links are placed at the beginning of the post to catch the reader’s attention
  • The tweets posted in the right timeframe have a higher likelihood to be seen by the target audience


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From an estimated 1,500 posts going through the average FB user’s feed every day, only 20% actually make it to his news feed. Here’s what could make your posts fall under the winning 20%:

  • The post are succinct and don’t integrate the horrendously long URL
  • Successful Facebook posts include a visual that promotes the message conveyed in the content
  • The pictures respect the optimal image upload sizes and hence, can be seen on most devices
  • The visual is posted individually as a one-time update, rather than in an album
  • The titles are short and catchy (any title that exceed 100 characters gets cut off when posted)


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While last year, many webmasters had their doubts on whether it would benefit them to create an account, at the beginning of 2013 the Global Web Index announced that Google+ is officially the second largest social network. Here’s how you can get your content noticed on this rather crowded social network:

  • The posts are distributed in the right groups that share the users’ personal and/or professional interests
  • Successful updates are usually posted by users who are active participants in their niches
  • The posts provide interesting information that is actually relevant to the type of audience the user wants to interact with
  • The posts also include the user’s insight on the matter in addition to the URLs

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The author of this post Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Web Firm, a leading web designers. She loves sketching and listening to pop music. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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