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Weekly Link Roundup Edition # 8 : Tips to Refine Your Email Marketing List Building Strategies

October 11, 2016

Last Updated on - July 31, 2020  

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email marketing list building strategies

How confident are you about your email marketing list building strategies?

If you still do not have an email marketing strategy, then head over to your drawing board immediately to put one in place.

One of the essential pieces of an email marketing strategy is list building. In fact your entire email strategy depends upon it. If you do not have a solid list building plan, you might just not get enough subscribers.

And low subscriber count might just not give you the ROI that you would expect from your strategy.

In this week’s link roundup, we have picked 5 posts with some of the best advises on email marketing list building strategies. Almost all of them has one golden nugget in them, about list building. Implementing some of these tips is sure to help you better your conversion rates and thereby help you build a bigger and better list.

Refining you Email Marketing List Building Strategies

List building has always been a problem area for me. Though I run a lot of niche blogs with a very niche traffic, where I anyways do not expect a lot of subscribers, my conversion rates were what was a cause of worry.

But over a period of time I was able to refine my email marketing list building strategies and thereby improve my conversions.

List building is about testing. If you know how to run A/B tests, you will gradually be able to find out what works and then refine that to get extremely good results.

19+ Surprising List Building Mistakes Discovered At Traffic Generation Café

Traffic generation cafe has always been an inspiration to me. Ana has so many tips and advises up her sleeves that you are always certain to find something new from each of her posts.

So it was unlikely that his post would not have a few golden nuggets.

One of the many things that helped me improve my conversion rates with my niche blogs was testing out my strategy and refining it by eliminating mistakes.

Mistakes might not be too apparent in all cases. Constant testing can help you find out some, but there might still be some that may elude you. In such a situation the best thing to do is to ask a co-blogger or, friend of you, with some expertise in list building to review your strategy and give you a feedback.

Some of the mistakes that Ana found out in her list building funnel, which she has nicely laid down in this post, would help you find some of yours as well.

list building mistakes

It’s not too often that we have the guts to give someone a much-needed honest feedback. That’ why I was so appreciative of Mitro Patrikainen of Emailab.com doing just that – analyzing my current list building funnel and pointing out what I do well and what has room for improvement.

Granted, I’ve been ignoring my list building while working on my first ever traffic generation course (yes, this is THE first time you are hearing about it!), but there’s not reason I can’t make what works now work better, right?

I’ve already implemented some of Mitro’s suggestions and definitely think you should get his checklist offered at the end of the post to improve your list building funnel as well. After all, your email list is the bread and butter of your business!

Read more at trafficgenerationcafe.com

Email marketing in the age of social media

It is the age of social media. Most conventional traffic generation methods have given way to social media. Most of my sites are now relying on traffic from Instagram and Pinterest, which are social media sites that I never thought would bring in any traffic to my sites. In fact until about an year back, they were not even part of my traffic strategy.

With social media taking over most part of our marketing strategy, what is the future of email marketing? How will social media change our email marketing strategies?

These are some questions that are answered very nicely in this post at Marketing Land.


Social media has firmly cemented its place as a vital marketing tool and has evolved to be much more than just a platform for posting photos and sharing life updates. At the same time, email marketing has grown more important to marketers and has the highest return on investment of any channel.

Both email marketing and social media have their strengths and benefits, and marketers need to focus on how to make the two work together rather than prioritizing one over the other.

Image Courtesy: marketingland.com

Read more at marketingland.com

How to Use Email Marketing to Build Meaningful Relationships

Email marketing is all about building relationships and that is probably why it is also called a relationship marketing. Offlate, the essence of email marketing has got diluted. A lot of email marketers, out there with the sole intention of making some quick bucks, who take to spamming your inboxes are the ones responsible for this.

And this is slowly taking away the relationship building part in email marketing.

But in all this noise and pollution, there are still a lot of email marketers who are able to build and nurture solid long standing relationships with their subscribers. One thing that you get to learn from these email marketers is the fact that, it is not about “building relationships”, but it is about “building meaningful relationships”.

I loved this post at the blog at Aweber (get aweber today), which is my favorite autoresponder because of the fact that it touched upon the aspect of building meaningful relationships in a nice and subtle manner and gives you a simple step by step strategy to do that.

relationship marketing

Since it’s inception, email marketing has catapulted into becoming the primary method by which most businesses generate a substantial portion of their revenue.

In fact, a few of my products are only available for purchase if you’re in my email community. To me, email marketing represents so much more than just a revenue driver for my business.

There’s already an incredible amount of resources out there about how to use email marketing for growing your email list and bringing in revenue. But not much is said about how you can use your email marketing to actually build more meaningful relationships with your subscribers. Relationships that are beyond just transactional.

Read more at aweber.com

List Building: How to Grow Your Email List Using Facebook Live

Facebook is one of my biggest sources for subscribers. The ads that I run on Facebook get me a subscriber for about 90 cents to a dollar which is a pretty good subscriber acquisition rate if you compare it with the many other paid options available.

I still remember my early days when I was spending more than $6 to acquire a subscriber. It took me a lot of testing to reach where it is today. And a lot of help came from reading some of the tips and advises from some of the social media champions on the internet.

Amy Porterfield is one such social media champion whose advise is always of value. Pick any of her posts and your will find a nice and implementable tip or, two.

So, when she was talking about Facebook live and how to use it to build your lists, it made perfect sense to set everything aside and concentrate on what she was talking about.

This podcast at Social Media Examiner, thus caught my attention and I am sure you will love it too.


Do you want a bigger email list?

Looking for list building techniques?

To explore how to grow your email list using Facebook Live and podcasts, I interview Amy Porterfield.

The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing.

In this episode, I interview Amy Porterfield, co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies and host of the Online Marketing Made Easy podcast. Amy specializes in helping business owners grow and monetize their online marketing.

Image Courtesy : socialmediaexaminer.com

Read more at socialmediaexaminer.com

Get More Clients With Smarter Email Marketing

Email Marketing has changed a lot over the last few years. With smarter and more effective tools, email marketing has become easier and better. And so has email marketing list building strategies.

Though email marketing tools have gotten smarter, the question still is – how smartly are you using these tools? After all the effectiveness of your strategy will still depend on the answer to this question.

This podcast from Copyblogger, which is also an audio course looks at some practical ways of bringing “smartness” to your email marketing list building strategies.

Are you a freelancer, consultant, or other provider of professional services to clients?

If so, smarter email marketing strategies will get you more clients, and more importantly, better clients.

You know, the ones who value your expertise and effort and happily pay your fees.

Before I began Copyblogger in 2006, I started and ran three successful service businesses. And I used online marketing exclusively to attract clients, with email at the center of my strategy.

Things have certainly changed since those days. The fundamentals remain the same — but the sophistication and ease-of-use of the current technology allows you to do so much more.

Read more at copyblogger.com

Over to You Now

Email marketing is not difficult if you understand the basics and are really to test it out. Testing just doesn’t stop. Continuous testing will help you find the best strategies that will in turn give you the best ROI.

I hope you liked these posts and you were able to find a few implementable strategies for yourself. Put them to use and refine your email marketing list building strategies to see better conversions. Let me know if you have any questions, by commenting below.

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