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Entrepreneurs Forget About Marketing until TBD

September 17, 2011

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Marketing strategy

This is a guest post by Matt. You can check out the guidelines for guest posting on our write for us page.

I’ve asked a few entrepreneurs in the past, what is more important, “a great idea or great execution?” and I’ve gotten many different answers. The people who seem to think a great idea trumps execution are wildly enthralled with perception based success. Those that believe in execution, aren’t necessarily visionaries, but are people who can simply, grind out work.

I believe strongly that both a great idea and great execution is necessary when starting a business, but in the early stages of product development, marketing doesn’t need to distract the focus of your entrepreneurial endeavor.

As an entrepreneur and marketing graduate myself, I’m a victim to falling in love with marketing ideas and having them consume my mind. The only thing I’ve learned from this is that in order for my business to progress I’ve got to forget about marketing ideas almost until the final stages of a business launch.

Marketing Distracts the Mind

I will be the first person to stick up for a marketing idea as long as it’s actionable and makes fiscal sense. But the truth is, there are very few ideas like this. When it comes to an entrepreneurial startup business, I think that marketing takes a backseat to strong sales initiatives, resource planning, and customer service.

When sitting down to write a business plan with your partner(s) every time someone mentions an idea about promoting a product or something relating to marketing, have them do 10 pushups. This simple rule helped break my business out of our rut, when half of us fail to even realize the way we process and come up with thoughts.

You will be excited once your business develops, and once you have achieved sustainable growth, then is the best time to ramp up your marketing processes (when the ball is already rolling).

Grind It Out

Integrating a marketing plan, both online and offline is important once you have figured out exactly who your business is. Most entrepreneurs don’t even know what their business’s core value add is until they go to market and people start to purchase. If you can grind out the first phase of your business without online/offline marketing initiatives you will grow much faster once you begin implementing marketing programs.

I would compare this thought process to exercise, if you can exercise and achieve results without supplements, you are setting yourself up for even more success once you add supplements to your fitness regimen.

Of course, every business is different and if your business is primarily online you will need to establish a sound SEO and social media plan to attract customers in the first place. However, for a more traditional business entrepreneur, stick to the basics and you will find that your success is largely a direct result of your actions rather than marketing methods.

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