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DKSP EP:33 – 7 Factors that Hugely Impact Your Optin Form Conversion Rates

January 27, 2016

Last Updated on - January 27, 2016  

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optin form conversion rates

What is your Optin Form Conversion rates?

If you have been into any form of online business, I am sure you know the importance of capturing your visitor’s email address. The single biggest reason for most internet marketers’ failing is not capturing emails.

Visitor memory is short and if you are pitching something to a visitor who is not in a “buying” frame of mind, then you need to understand that the chances of them buying in the first instance itself is less than 5%. And the chances of them coming back to your website or, blog is even lesser.


Because there are thousands of other websites similar to that of yours who are doing the exact same thing that you are doing – pitching the exact same product or, service.

It is not until you knock a door at least 3 times that they buy something from you. And in order to do this “knocking” in an online business, you need to capture email addresses.

But the problem question is – why would somebody give you your email address? And it is this question that ultimately leads to the metric called as “Conversion rates“, meaning the number of visitors out of all of who came to your website, who gave you their email address.

7 Factors Impacting Optin Form Conversion Rates

In this episode, we will be discussing about 7 such factors that impact your optin form conversion rates to a great extent. It is important that you keep each of these in mind and optimize your optin forms, in order to get the best conversions.

Here are some of the things that we will discuss in this episode:

  1. How to find a good link bait for your Optin form?
  2. Why you might just be driving away you visitors forever
  3. The 4 types of optin forms that work the best
  4. How some optin forms play better on human psychology
  5. A technique that almost always gives you a confirmed optin

Some of the factors are dependent on the amount of flexibility you have in testing your optin forms. Most optin form generator plugins limit the amount of things you can do to your optin forms.

It is important that you use a good optin form builder plugin that you have enough flexibility and features to experiment and find the aspects that works best when it comes to conversions.

And it is hence that we recommend Thrive Leads, which is the most feature rich optin form generator plugin, but with an absolutely light weight code.

In order to deliver your freebie to your visitors, store their email address  and to continuously market to them, you will need a reliable autoresponder. We recommend aweber which is the best autoresponder amongst all the ones that we have used. And the latest “Campaigns” feature in aweber, helps you automate a lot of the things that you need to use with your email marketing.

Resources from this Episode

Here are some of the resources from this episode:

  1. Thrive Leads
  2. Thrive Content Builder
  3. Popup Domination
  4. Aweber

Disclaimer: Some of the above links are affiliate links. If you chose to buy from these links, I might stand to earn a small commission without any additional cost to you.

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