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Five Easy Ways to Make the Most of Your Blog Archives

March 10, 2013

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Content creation is an art and one needs to come up with innovative content, every time an assignment is at hand. However, one need not necessarily write new content every time. Strange as it might sound but you can always use your blog archives and save valuable time that can be creatively used for any other new assignment at hand.

Unmindful of your knowledge, a great lot of content lies buried in your archives. Use this creatively and come up with a new assignment, every time you have something new at hand.

Linking back to old posts

This is one of the viable strategy that you can use to increase the visitor presence to your blog. You might not have tried this strategy before but linking your current content to your previous posts can help you attract traffic to the old posts. You can also try writing a round up post that can help you showcase some of the best posts from your past archives.

Ensure that while you link up the current post to previous archives, link these to the related posts. For example if you are writing a blog post on travel destinations, linking up the current post to an archive link related to travel will instill much confidence in your readers. They will take you for a professional blog writer who knows the strategies well.

Most of the professional blog writers do an annual round up of their posts. Follow this technique and see the difference it makes to your work.

Republishing great reports

It might be possible that some of your worthy posts might be gathering dust in the lot of archive posts. It is high time that you pull out some worthy posts from these archives. It is quite possible that most of your new readers might not have seen or read your old posts. Even your old readers must have lost track of good posts that were written by you. Prioritize and pick up some new posts from the lot, your readers will surely appreciate it and help you increase the readership of the blog.

Promoting the old posts

You must be burning the midnight oil to promote your new posts. A worthy way of sharing posts with users is through social networking sites as Twitter and Facebook. It might not have struck your mind but the strategy you have been using for promoting the new posts can be applied for the older posts.

Share your older posts through Facebook pages, Twitter and You Tube links. It only takes a second to share older posts through Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. Use social networking to your advantage and link up with potential new users, who might not be having any hint on your blog posts.

Publishing an Ebook

You might be into writing an ebook for your newsletter. Short on time though, you can pull out some of the post from the archive list. Most of the work will be done in no time and using the content with innovation, you can even write a new ebook with over 90 percent of the content being old.

This strategy can be of imminent use to publishers who are into the work of ebook publishing but have a range of posts to handle at any given point of time. Follow this strategy and you will have a list of potential new customers who would be wanting to see your books and scrape through the content.

Recording audio versions

In these busy times everyone including your readers are hard pressed for time. This hardly leaves any time for the readers to devout exclusively to reading. Moreover, not everyone likes to have content in written form. Most of the young readers too want content in audio or podcast version. This might seem to be a long drawn process for you that takes your worthy time. However, you can use things creatively in your favour.

Instead of coming up with all new material, every time you have a new assignment at hand, you can go in for making of audio recordings. Choose some of your best posts and make audio recordings from them.

This will make things easy for you and professionally you will come up among the top league of bloggers who try innovation at work. Working on these strategies will help you rise to the pinnacle of success. Your old readers will love to connect with you and simultaneously you will generate inquisitiveness amongst new readers too.

Follow the above listed measures and reap the benefits.

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