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Five helpful techniques to optimize your Facebook page

August 27, 2012

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facebookIf you have a Facebook page for your business and you are promoting your products and services through that page, you must be thinking about optimizing that page. Now, there are different techniques of optimizing your Facebook page. Optimizing your Facebook page can really help you increase your marketing power and boost the revenue of your business.

Given below are five useful techniques to optimize a Facebook page.

Technique #1 Featured photos/images

When you upload images of your products and services on your Facebook page, they are automatically displayed on the featured photo feed. This photo feed is a string of five photographs. Whenever a visitor views your page, the position of these photos is altered. This is an innovative branding concept for your product. When you feel that the purpose of a particular photo has been served, you can take it out from the string manually and it will still remain in the album. Think about how the string should look like. Photos of your products will attract and engage more visitors than photos of your employees.

Technique #2 The link panel on the left side

You must have noticed that all Facebook pages feature a link panel on the left side. If somebody clicks on it, the application is opened as tab view and takes the visitor to the fan page.

There are three default applications on each Fan page that are indigenous to the platform of the most popular social networking site in the world. These are information, wall posts, and photographs. For keeping a fan page, it is compulsory to have info and wall posts on your page. However, you can take out the photos if you feel.

If you wish, you can feature various other applications on your page. Obviously, the majority of them will be third party applications.

You have to remember that the visitors will be able to see maximum eight links and they need to click on more if there are more than eight links. Therefore, your eight links should contain the best tabs about your business. A unique and useful feature of Facebook is that you can modify the order in which these pages come within the panel. You can do it by logging in as administrator of the page.

Technique #3 Rolling feedback

Facebook exhibits useful rolling feedback of each and every post you do by logging in as an administrator. As a result, it becomes simpler to monitor the tendencies of communication on your page by the variety of content, time, as well as number of occurrences. When you go through this, you will understand how you are performing. The Edgerank Algorithm assesses the reach of your post. The more the visitors interact on your page, the more is your spotlight.

Technique #4 Featured likes       

Below the link panel on the left hand side, you will find a set of five featured likes. This will showcase five other brand pages liked by you when you are logging in “as page”.

Since the month of February 2011, Facebook is allowing brand page redesign. Other than that, new login options have been launched which enable members to surf Facebook in the form of their personal account or in the form of a page for which they function as administrators. The difference is that while posting likes and comments, these operations are linked to your brand profile or your private profile. Thus, brands have the option to post comments and like as the brand itself. You can select the five featured pages liked by your brand and fix them through your settings just to ensure they don’t revolve.

Technique #5 Make separate designs for your wall tab       

Facebook page administrators now have the option of selecting the default wall design for the guests, in the middle of the sequential “most recent” posts and older posts done by the page. This helps the visitors notice all the interactions that took place on the page. You can set the posts done by the page as default. The posts that your fans make are also accessible when visitors click on the “most recent” feed. However, you should remain on top of the feed since that gives you the opportunity to interact with your fans by making posts on that portion of the page.

Follow these above techniques and you will see that the brand value of your page is rising automatically.

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