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Foolproof SEO Tips for Business Bloggers

December 23, 2012

Last Updated on - December 23, 2012  

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Blog Optimization for Search Engines

Business blogging is different from normal blogging. When you blog for your business, you do it deliberately to promote your business rather than just share your ideas or experiences. You will have to exercise caution so as not to over optimize your blog or under optimize where you could do better. Creating a good blog takes time and you will have to follow different strategies in order to keep it alive. Just filling your blog with posts doesn’t help achieve the results you are aiming at.

Therefore, experiment with different strategies and measure the results so that your business blog is well optimized. SEO is a continuous process and you will have to change your strategy from time to time depending on the different scenarios you face.

Post Regularly:

Posting regularly is the first step to optimize your blog. If you don’t, your readers might even forget to check your blog. As a result, you will lose your readership or you will not be able to build a strong readership. Moreover, search engine crawlers give more importance to blogs that are updated regularly than the ones which get updated once in a while. While it is important to write regularly, you should also take care not to repeat the same ideas in different blogs. Express unique ideas and address different issues within your niche.

Get Links from Authoritative Sites:

It is most important to get links from authoritative sites. You will not have any difficulty linking your blog content to those sites. However, the real task is getting links from them. To do so, you have to work even harder to create quality content which can be posted on those sites and get a link that will bring visitors to your site. I admit that it’s a tough job, but give it your best and try to bring in some of their visitors to your site. Such links rank higher than links that go out to highly authoritative sites. In order to do this, you will have to stuff your blog with quality content.

Participate in Forums:

Participating in forums is one of the ways to build links to your blog. You need to do this regularly to see good results. If you start linking to your blog from the very first participation, you won’t be heard. It is natural that you won’t be recognized initially when everyone around is a stranger. Therefore, comment on forums regularly and answer others’ questions until you get some recognition in the forum. After gaining a little reputation, you can try building links to your blog so that the regular visitors find that visiting your blog is worth their time.

Write Guest Posts:

Another way to optimize your blog is to write guest posts. You can build links to your blog in the profile part of the guest post. This is a direct way of addressing a different crowd. But, remember that only the crowd is different, the interests remain the same. Therefore, you needn’t struggle much to prepare the content you are going to share unless you are not talking about something that doesn’t interest you much. So, choose the right niche, dive right in and impress your new audience with your posts.


Have a testimonials page for you. It is good to have someone speak about the good points of your business. However, you need to take care when posting content on the testimonials page. Your testimonies should speak about how informative your blog is. I have come across testimonials packed with flowery words rather than what could be gained from the site. When people find such weak testimonials, the very next thing they do is hit the back button of the browser. Keep your testimonials clean and precise.

Share More:

By saying share more, am asking you to share more than the regular business stuff you usually do. You can blog about the events you organize. It could be a social event or a birthday party arranged by your business. It will help build an unseen bond between your readers and your business. However, you needn’t go about letting your readers know everything that’s happening in your business. Just deviate a little now and then, but switch back to the business mode, because you are just doing it to create an interest in the readers to visit your blog again. After all, you blog in order to promote your business rather than tell them you’re having fun.

Link to Old Blogs:

You also have to link to your old blog posts in your new posts. It is a great way to keep using the content you’ve created. New visitors might not take time to scroll through your archives and read your old posts. Therefore, you need to link certain words to the old posts to let them know that there is more for them to read. As most of your readers won’t have much time, they won’t know where the other informative posts are, unless you tell them. This will help you build good internal links.

Create cool posts and as always content is king. As you are blogging about your business, spice up your posts with interesting facts. People love to read lively articles than articles with just information. Keep your posts precise and steer clear of links leading to sites with a bad reputation.

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