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Private Label RightsAre you struggling to find Private Label Rights products for your internet marketing business?

PLR products and articles have become an integral part of Internet Marketing today. In one of my posts earlier I spoke about BlogHatter and how it has helped me create numerous autoblogs out of PLR articles that were gathering dust in my hard disk. I have another 30,000 still waiting to be added to blogs and I am sure I will be able to earn quite a lot of money from them.

So where did I get my PLR articles from?

Before we get into the “WHERE”, let’s discuss the “WHAT”!

What exactly is PLR and what rights should you look for when you buy resales rights products?

It is important that you understand the rights that come with various product to ensure that you don’t fall into any kind of legal implications.

The Different Rights Explained

There are different types of rights that come with various products. Each of these rights are about the way the products can be used, on further passing it over to somebody else and the passing over of rights to others.

Resale Rights –

Resale rights allows you to sell it to anyone and keep 100% of the profits. There could be a limitation on the price at which you can sell the product. But the most important aspect to be kept in mind is the fact that you should only pass on the Personal Use Right to the buyer. You cannot in any way pass the resale rights.

Master Resale Rights –

A Master Resale Rights, as the name suggests give you almost all rights to do anything with the product. You can sell it at a profit, pass on resale rights to your buyers and also pass on the master resale rights to your customer in case you are in possession of a transferable master resale rights.

Private Label Rights –

Private Label Rights gives you all rights similar to the MRR products and in addition to that also gives you the right to edit the content or, the product and put your name as the author or, creator of the product.

What type of right you should go for will depend upon your requirements. If you are planning to sell a product of your own but are unable to create one, then you should ideally go for a PLR product. You can then edit it and sell it as your own creation.

Where to find Resale Rights Products?

It is often very difficult to find good resale rights products. The internet is full of crappy resale rights products and these lack quality. If you are to edit and resell it, then you might have to do a lot of work in order to improve its quality.

One source that I normally prefer for my resale rights products is InDigitalWorks. They have a huge collection of a variety of resale rights products including ebooks, softwares, articles etc.

The best part about them is the quality of the products that they offer. You will be impressed with the quality and if you are really serious about selling your own products, then you can do away with a lot of editing and still sell a high quality product.

You can even join them as a free member, if you wish to try them out.

Check out InDigitalWorks here.