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Getting Started with Freelancing Online

September 30, 2010

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This is a guest post by Melissa Tamura. If you to wish to guest post at dkspeaks.com, you can read the guidelines to guest posting here.

People who want to get started with freelancing can find a wealth of online opportunities. Both those who are established in their fields and those who are looking to break into a new field can find freelance work to either begin or expand their portfolios. Some of the most common freelance professions are discussed below.

Freelance Writing

Writing is perhaps the most popular avenue through which freelancers get started on the web. There are numerous opportunities for freelance writers all over the web. Anyone who wants to begin freelancing this way should educate themselves about the differences between print publishing and web publishing. One of the best ways to begin freelance writing is to sign up for several freelance writing websites and begin contributing. Many of these websites have hints and tutorials for people who are just starting out that are very helpful. Some popular freelance sites are given below:


On elance, writers can create an account and bid on freelance writing projects. The site offers writers and other freelance professionals tools needed for self-promotion and marketing of their services. Potential clients can see writers’ profiles and hire them based on their experience and expertise. This site also allows for clients to provide feedback and testimonials, which help writers to develop a beneficial online reputation. The site can be accessed here.


Constant-Content is another site for freelance writers. On this site, writers can submit well-written articles to a database and set their own price for them. Clients on this site can then purchase the articles. Clients also have the ability to contact writers and request a unique and customized article from them.

Freelance Computer Programming

Computer programmers have many online opportunities available to them. This is often a lucrative career option; however, those who have the most success work very hard and continue updating their skills. Clients will want to see that their programmers can handle the most current technology, so it is imperative that freelancers in this field are always looking for opportunities to remain current. Some of the sites for freelancers in this field are below:


Guruis a general freelancing site that has freelancing jobs available in many different industries. Computer programming is one of the fields for which projects are displayed. Freelancers can set up profiles and link to their work from around the web. They can also post videos and upload skills test results and certifications to enhance their profiles.

Programming Bids

Programmingbids.com is a site designed specifically for IT professionals. Individuals who have experience with programming, IT consulting, and graphic design can find work here. IT professionals can bid on the jobs of their choice here, and begin work on the projects for which they are selected. This site has a membership fee for those who want to bid on projects.

Freelance Administrative Work

It is now common for employers to contract their administrative work to freelancers or to those who telecommute. This is a particularly common practice among smaller businesses that may not be able to hire full-time staff. In order to break into this field, aspiring administrative freelancers should have a computer with access to the Internet and to e-mail, a phone line, fax line, basic word processing and spreadsheet software in addition to backup software, and file folders to keep themselves organized.


GoFreelance is a site that offers work for freelance administrative professionals, including data entry and typing. This site requires a membership fee.

Melissa Tamura is a freelance blogger who normally ranks prepaid phones for PrepaidCellphones.net. Her latest review covered the Tracphone.

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