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Google voice search and the future of SEO

August 25, 2012

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Google-VoiceGoogle’s voice search is found on phones and devices, ranging from the Blackberry to the iPhone. If yours is an Android, use the Google Play app to speak what you’re searching for. Simply put, the voice option uses voice input to find what you need.

This is not new technology, having been around from 2009, but it seems to have caught popular imagination of late, especially with the large number of phones and tablets being sold.

With a rapid increase in handheld devices, a personal assistant like iPhone’s Siri and applications like Google’s Voice, become increasingly significant and can change the dynamics of the search operation. What they can also change is the efficacy of Search Engine Optimization or using keywords to drive interest your way.

Or can they?

On the downside for SEO, is the ease of speaking, rather than typing. This means a wider demographic of people can access search like never before. It is a welcome addition for devices meant for differently-abled people and fulfills a long-demanded need. It completely removes the worry of misspelling an important word.

The voice search tool will push businesses to do better in a bid to be on top a search thus conducted. Voice search engines are tuned to offering you results from highly rated sites and enterprises will do well to keep themselves in the top spots. This means better results and better choices for the user.

Another aspect of voice search is that it throws up local results more often than not. So if you’re looking for information in the area you are, then this is the option you should look consider.So you cannot dismiss or diminish the important of the voice search tool.

But we believe that SEO will still continue to rule the airwaves and here’s why-

Whether typed or spoken, there is a set of stock phrases that the search option will need. That means SEO will continue to be popular, but just be used in a different mode. As regards spelling, a lot of SEO terms take into consideration the possible wrong spelling that users may key in and find ways to direct traffic to the website or business, sometimes using wrong spellings to do so.

In the case of the local results that the voice result throws up, SEO will be needed here too, in either the website title or content of products and site.

While technology has advanced in the field of voice and recognition, there is a disadvantage when it comes to ambient noise, accents and languages. If you’re trying to find something in the middle of a crowded street or even in an office building, there will be distortion in terms of noise and disturbance and that will give you incorrect results. There could be a language barrier and a non-standardized accent could be hard for voice to read. While voice search operators are working to enable better understanding of dialect, SEO negates this issue completely.

It would be safe to say that voice search and SEO can exist side-by-side. Each serves its own purpose- the voice option being a more personal search tool and the SEO great for business and enterprise.

About the Author:

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