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Guest Blogging: In-House Or Outsource?

September 26, 2012

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guest bloggingYour blog is a pivotal part of your overall marketing strategy. A good blog can draw visitors to your site who will want to come back multiple times. These readers will also post links to your blog on their social media profiles. Good keyword usage within your blog can also help with SEO. However, when it comes to guest blogs, should you go in-house or just outsource?

Who Do You Have In-House?

The first question you have to ask yourself is who would be able to write a good guest post within your organization. If you have a great writer who could add value to the blog, you should go ahead and let someone from your site write that post.

Remember that the goal of a guest post is to offer a fresh perspective while also conforming to the tone and style of your blog. You don’t always get that when you outsource. When you outsource, you also have to consider that this person could think of the assignment as a single job. The commitment to excellence may not be there.

As long as this person hasn’t posted a lot of content, someone that you work with on a regular basis could provide that fresh voice. This person will also have familiarity with how you want your blog to sound because this guest poster has experience working with you. It can be a win-win.

How Much Will It Cost To Outsource?

Some bloggers may feel like it is always cheaper to outsource the work. That may not always be true. It depends on where you are going to get the work. Some freelancers offer great rates for the work that you are looking for. On the other hand, some professionals may require as much as $1 a word for optimized content.

When you go in-house, you may have to pay a regular employee a bonus to do the extra work. Otherwise, you may risk alienating an employee who feels like he is doing more work without being compensated. On the other hand, you may find someone who is willing to do the work to gain experience to help build his career.

In other words, you may not always find a cheap option when you outsource. It also may not be true that you pay more for going with someone within your organization. It really depends on who is available to you and what that person is charging.

What Kind Of Knowledge Base Would Your People Have?

Writing a technically pleasing post that says nothing is not going to win over viewers. Advertisers want to see that your work can draw page views. An overly optimized piece that contains no real value is not going to keep that loyal audience coming back.

If the technical knowledge is equal between someone in your group and someone outside of your group, go with the person who will incorporate more substance. The search engines and your readers will love you for it. You will see that more money is made in the long run going with this strategy.

Remember that whoever you choose is going to be representing yourself and your blog. You have to make sure that this person will be able to produce something that you are going to be happy with. Never choose a guest blogger who cannot produce to the quality that you would expect out of yourself.

Should you go in-house or outsource your guest blog posts? You should look first for someone on your staff that can write well, commands a reasonable rate and can add the right substance. If no one exists on your staff who can fill those needs, outsourcing might be for you.

About the Author:

Carly Lance thinks of herself as a personal finance junkie and loves to blog about saving money, frugal living and getting out of debt whenever she can. She believes a happy life = happy finances. Carly is also employed as a blog manager by Personal Bankruptcy Canada, company of bankruptcy trustees dedicated to helping “good people with bad debt,” with whom she also blogs about finances for.

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