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A few days back I published a guest post at authored by Marko Saric. The title of the blog was “Should you put banner ads on your blog?

Have you seen a blog without a banner ad?

These days, it has become a standard to put a couple of 125×125 ads on your blogs irrespective of the fact that they are your own affiliate ads. You will find a few such ads here as well because I chose to go with the trend. These affiliate banners generated quite a few clicks and a good number of sales (about  as well (I would have paid an estimated $9,853.66, if I had placed my ads on Adwords for the lowest CPC).

How valuable are these ads? Do you think that these banner ads act as distractions to your visitors?

I first came across this debate when I read a post at one of the very established blogs. The post was very interesting and stimulated my mind to think, if I should really put those banners there.

The author had a point to say – he said that such banner ads never generated any clicks and that you never received any value in terms of paid advertisements either. This was where I thought I should evaluate the worthiness of the these ads. When I finally arrived at the above stats, I was surprised at the results.

A blog might not be getting too many advertisements requests and might not be earning a lot from their 125×125 banner ads, but it can surely help them market their affiliate products. If you gain enough exposure for these products without burning your pockets with PPC, then why not?

What is your opinion on this?

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