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If you have not read my earlier post about the benefits of guest posting, then you can read this article here.

Getting an opportunity to guest post at a good blog is not as easy as it sounds. Why would the blogger accept you, especially if you are new to blogging and is not an authority in your niche?

Guest posting has two faces to it – At some point during your career as a blogger, you would also want people to write for your blog even as you would want to write guest posts for other established blogs. If your blog has good traffic, people will come to you the same way you are approaching other bloggers today. Hence, this will not be a difficult task to do. But if you are to build up traffic to your blog right now, you will still want some bloggers to guest post on your blog and write some valuable content. At this point it would be a difficult thing to do as there would not be too many takers to do it. It is a vicious circle and guest posting could turn out to be a nightmare.

If you have ever tried this, you could vet this and you would agree to this.

My Blog Guest is a unique service started by Ann Smarty that is oriented towards resolving these problems in guest posting. This is a unique forum where you will find a lot of people interested in guest posting and a few others who are inviting guest posts for their blogs. There is no other such forum available as of now.

The forum seems to be new, but there are quite a few members and the interactions seem to be very encouraging. You can check out the forum here.

A detailed post on guest posting could be a part of another post.

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