A good logo is at the foundation of your Brand. Your website, letter-heads, visiting cards and all your online presence get a distinguished look, if you have a logo that stands out.

We have a low cost, affordable logo designing service through our in house designers.

Check out some of the logos we have designed for various websites.

clicked now logo

This was a logo we designed for a website called, "Clicked Now". The image was that of a mouse that spanned all through the term "Clicked Now" showing the importance of the word "Clicked".


This logo was designed for a fashion website - "The Fashion Funda". Since we had to depict fashion we used the image of a fashionable lady along with a font that had fashion written all over it.


This logo was designed for my Company "DKSpeaks Media". We had to keep our aesthetics in mind and yet focus on simplicity and that is what we put into the logo.


This logo was for a viral news aggregator site. Since the emphasis was on the term "Clearer" we used the image of a "magnifying lens" to focus on the key alphabet "C".


This logo was designed for a food blog, "The Tastes of India". Keeping in view the fact that we had to give it a flavor of India, we used the Saffron color.


This logo was for my blog here. There were a lot of ideas where I used my avatars and also different variants of a microphone. But none clicked to me because I wanted a simple design and yet convey the idea of entrepreneurship where you dictate your own lifestyle. This was perfectly done in this logo.


Our terms are very simple and we strive to ensure that you are satisfied.

  • You need to provide us with a rough idea of what you want which includes a theme or, a design of your thoughts.
  • We will need the name of your website and the details of what niche your website is in
  • All logos will take 10 days for the first cut delivery
  • Once we deliver the first cut, you can have 4 iterations of the logo which means making design changes to the base logo that we submitted and you accepted.
  • If you did not like any of the designs that we sent you, you can have a redesign done upto 2 additional times.
  • No REFUNDS, if we have submitted a design once.
  • We will do a 100% refund if we did not start working on your design and you decided to cancel.

Our Price for a Design

Only $149.00

Just use the contact form to reach us if you have any questions and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Looking to get your office stationary designed. No Problems! We can do that for you at a very affordable price.

Here is what we can do for you -

  • Business Cards
  • Letter heads
  • Fliers and Newsletters

Core Pack

Only the Core Stationary Items

Upto 2 Iterations

Upto 4 Revisions of Your Designs

All Source codes and Files

Includes the following:

  • Business Cards
  • Letter Heads
  • Any other basic Stationary Requirements
  • No LOGO Designing



ALL Designing Needs Taken Care off

Upto 3 iterations of the DESIGNS

Upto 5 Revisions

All Source Codes and Files

Includes the following:

  • LOGO Designing
  • Business Cards
  • Letter heads
  • Fliers and Newsletters
  • Any other Requirement (Please get in touch with us first to check if we can do it)


No credit card required.