How Social Media Can Be a Legal Problem For You?


Social Media has now become an essential for everyone – irrespective of, if you are a business, a celebrity and a nobody. Your identity on the web is assessed from your social media reach. No wonder the Google gods decided to give a lot of weightage to your social media scores, when it comes to ranking you on their first page.

But how safe is Social Media? Is your privacy at stake?

Not too many people give a thought to these aspects. But it is important that we realize the fact that too much of complacency in protecting your privacy, given the fact that almost all Social Media sites have full access to your information.. can lead to a terrible problem for yourself.

The below infographic shows you the reach of Social Media, how it might impact your privacy and how to ensure that you are protected.

social media law

Social Media, Your Business and the Law – An infographic by the team at Cartwright King