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How to Generate Publicity for Your Business

August 25, 2012

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Business publicitySmall business owners can find publicity to be elusive. However, nothing else can be helpful in attaining long-term success and recognition. Any business owner who aims to make his business grow and become profitable has to spend time and effort in learning how to use publicity for promoting products and services.

Consumers’ attention can be hard to catch. Moreover, there are numerous businesses that run against each other to win customers’ focus. It is just logical that businesses now have to strive harder to create a buzz. People have to notice your company so you can more effectively sell your products and services.

Needless to say, the key to generating publicity for your business is to develop and then implement sound public relations. You have to set a publicity plan that is focused on activities that are designed to magnetize positive media attention. This way, prospective customers will finally take notice, which can be translated to buying what you are selling.Here are some ideas to do it.

Mount special events

Host a special event to generate publicity for your business. The media usually highlights occasions that are open for everyone. Newspapers and Websites usually allocate special sections for community events. You may submit information about your events to such publications.

Stage a ribbon cutting ceremony if you are putting up a new location. Announce an open house event or a special discount day for customers. News media may not possibly be present in your actual event but your pre-event publicity will surely create a buzz and bolster your business. You are just giving your current and prospective customers a good reason to visit your location.

Get involved in cause-oriented marketing

Pick a non-profit organization and launch an activity or program that will benefit that charity. Many businesses have already proved that aligning with a non-profit group establishes commitment to the community. A business that has proven itself as a good corporate citizen enjoys positive image and higher patronage.

Just be careful not to make your charitable activities look like publicity stints. Although it may really be your business goal, some people will not like the idea. You may strategically choose a reputable and popular charity for your charitable projects and generate less media attention when you do so. You will realize that even if you don’t make noise, some reporters will cover you.

Establish your authority

As a business owner, try to establish your expertise and authority in your niche or industry. Position yourself as a reliable expert. This way, reporters will always approach you for interviews about subjects and issues that affect the community and the industry.
Once you enjoy media limelight, it follows that your business will, too. People will start to get curious why you are an expert in your field. They will inevitably associate you with your business. Thus, your credibility applies to your brand.

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Tim is a business promotion expert. Over the last 4 years, Tim has helped many businesses improve their brand exposure through the use of promotional merchandise such as promotional metal pens. Tim is also a regular bloggers in the business and enterpreneur community.

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