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How to get quality content for your blog?

October 23, 2009

Last Updated on - October 23, 2009  

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Quality Content

No GURUS stress the importance of quality content for your blogs, less. Any blog your read, Problogger, Yaro Starak’s blogs or, the daily blog tips, the stress on quality content is the material for one of the posts. Read any marketing ebook and the you will find the mention of “Quality content” there as well.
But the question remains as to what will be defined as quality content? What will your readers consider as quality content. The content quality starts from the quality of the design of your blog. Let’s see each of these aspects in detail:

  1. Blog Design – When you design the blog keep in mind that you are not making it too complex. Keep the design of the blog as simple as possible so that the readers are able to naturally interact with your blog. The links and ads that put up on your blog should be in line with your blogs design. It should naturally integrate with your blog design. WordPress gives you an so many choices of doing this that you will not have to run after your blog designers to get this done.Getting Quality Content
  2. Keyword density – Your blog content must be made around high-in-demand keywords that people normally use while searching for content. You would want your blog to appear in the first page of any search engine so that people find it. This is determined by the amount of keywords in each of the posts in your blog. This is called as “keyword density”. Keyword density is normally misunderstood as stuffing keywords into your content. Unlike this mis-conception, your content should naturally contain about 3-4% keywords that your have researched and that is the base of your content.
  3. Presentation – The content has to be neatly presented in order for anybody to enjoy reading it. The paragraphs should not be too long, but concise and neatly flowing into the next paragraph. The language can be kept as simple as possible and if possible refrain from using “jargons”. This is done keeping in mind the not so savvy readers that will come to your blogs from the search engines.
  4. How to get quality content?

  5. Using media – Isn’t it natural for you to enjoy the pictures and presentations that you see while you are reading an article. This is the essence of a magazine and that is why you enjoy it. Hence use media wherever possible throughout your blog. Integrate pictures, videos and presentations into the content of your blog.
  6. Usage of links – You would want to integrate links to affiliate products and other related information in your posts. It has been observed that people enjoy reading articles that have link embedded throughout the content much more than articles that have the links mentioned towards the base or, the end of the content.

The quality of a content is determined by the way it is perceived by the reader. Though it is difficult to know how exactly a reader perceives content, there are some simple basics that can be followed to ensure that what you are offering is of quality.

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